Turn Your Charcoal Kettle Grill Into A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Today!

Who doesn't love the crisp, smoky taste of outdoor wood-fired pizza! Yet traditional wood-fired pizza ovens cost thousands of dollars, take hours to heat up and are not portable. We’re here to help! Our KettlePizza outdoor pizza oven uses a stainless steel sleeve that fits onto most kettle style charcoal grills. It sits between the grill top and bottom creating a cooking chamber that gets much hotter than traditional grills or home ovens. It costs a fraction of what a traditional wood-fired oven costs and it’s portable too! It's great family fun, it's American made and if you are not happy with it we will give your your money back. Choose KettlePizza and fire up your grill today!

Cook Amazing Pizza With Our Woodfired Oven


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