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By Gary R.
Been looking for a good pizza down south for years. Just found it in my back yard. KettlePizza. No more ordering pizza and throwing it on the grill to crisp it up. Make what you want, be creative. Family and friends LOVE it!

By Edward W in California
At first I was a little skeptical about the product and read some of the negative reviews, which made me wonder even more. So I sat on the fence for awhile trying to decide whether to purchase or not. I finally took the plunge, and MAN this thing is amazing. I was able to get the cooking temp up to 700 degrees with a base of coals and just one small chuck of wood. The pizza cooked in about 6 to 7 min it was phenomenal !!!! If you really want that pizzeria taste in your own back yard then look no further.... you have found your ticket to awesome homemade wood fired pizza. The price was a little steep but well worth it

By David R.
Highly recommend, but read about others mistakes and successes, takes practice but after a bit of trial and error you will make delicious pizzas! People beg me to make pizza now, they love the char when using a good stone and this kit.

By James D. in California
I bought this after unsuccessfully searching for a wood fired thin crust pizza joint in my area and thought I'd try to figure out an alternative myself. I looked for other kits, but they were either too complex (required constructing a 4'x6' structure out of brick and concrete) or nothing more than oven pizza stones that don't work. This seemed like a great alternative.

The kit is a snap to install and takes only a few minutes to assemble. Once assembled it sits in between the body and the lid of your Weber charcoal BBQ. It also comes with a pizza stone which sits on the grill inside. You first add charcoal to preheat the oven and stone, then add wood. The trick is to find the right amount of wood because if you put too much in it can begin to melt your Weber lid so I recommend adding one piece of firewood so you get it between 700F-800F. Once the "oven" is up to 700F it's time for the pizza. The included pizza peel is of high quality and is a must to rotate the pizza during the 5 min cooking process. So how did the pizza come out? Simply awesome! The crust gets nice and brown with some of that slightly burnt goodness that is standard with wood fires ovens. I make pizza at least once a week using the Kettlepizza and I have to say that I couldn't live without it.

By Laurie P.
Ordered the product, used it the same night! Had the best pizza ever!! the online tutorial was really helpful, you'll be ready for your Kettle Pizza as soon as it comes. Have used it several times! will use it year round!!
Used it for a group at a birthday party, did a pizza bar, everyone made their own pizza, they cook so quickly, its not a problem waiting to cook the next one!! Buy it!!

By Jamie S.
I bought this for my husband and he has truly enjoyed every moment using it! We had a huge make your own pizza party to break it in and everyone raved that the pizza tasted much better than oven baked. We will also be able to use the insert to roast whole chickens and cook other larger items. Seeing the smile on his face was the best!

By Amy R.
I bought this gift for my dad and we just had a chance to use it this weekend. It was easy to assemble/ add to the grill and all of the accessories were very nice and durable. Our pizzas came out looking and tasting fabulous! My only suggestion to anyone looking to purchase this is to buy an extra pizza peel since you have to assemble the pizza on the peel and then into the grill. It will allow you have to your next pizza ready to put in the grill when the other one comes out.

By Mike in Maine

The Kettle Pizza kit is worth every penny.  After years of dreaming about an outdoor brick oven pizza, I found the company website by accident.   Compared to the cost of a brick oven, this was a no brainer.   The pizza looks like you ordered it at  brick oven restaurant.   Everyone loved them.  The crust is perfect, and the cheese is golden brown.   After years of trying pizza on the grate, or a stone on a Weber grill and lifting the top, thus losing all the heat, this is the greatest tool for an outdoor grill.   I highly recommend the Kettle pizza spinners as well.  It is a lot easier to spin the pizza than using a spatula or tongs.  I can’t wait to order the new ProGrate/Tombstone combination.  It will it even easier to make the pizza.

By John B.

Talk about amazing! We've been bragging about the rotisserie attachment for our Weber for years and now along comes the KettlePizza oven and it's the bomb! Simply another required attachment to your Weber to get the full benefit. We absolutely love it. We're putting out professional quality pizza from the comfort of our own back yard. PS - a metal pizza peel's a necessity.

By Karen J.

With the Kettle Pizza, we can make pizzas in the summer. Now we have our own Pizza Oven, and it is portable, you can take it anywhere you would take your Weber. Easy to assemble and easy to use, I would recommend this product to all Grill masters.

By David S. Manalpan, NJ

I received the Kettle pizza basic kit as a birthday present as I had been admiring it for quite a while. It is the closest thing you can get to making wood fired brick oven pizza, without the brick oven. It does require a bit of a learning curve, as I discovered from some small non product related difficulties, which I will explain. I found in using it the first time, that my pizza stone I had gotten as a gift years ago was insufficient, and too thin, and translated too much heat to the surface of the dough, burning the bottom of the pizza before the top was cooked. Invest in a good, more expensive pizza stone, as big as possible, 16 to 16.5 inches, as the opening of the front of the pizza kettle attachment is approx. 17 inches. Position it in the middle but a little more toward the front, leaving more indirect heat space between the fire and your stone. You must close the top vent on the kettle lid while cooking the pizza, as this will channel the air from the fire over the top of the pizza which is essential to cook and brown the top of the pizza. I also found out that it is best to make the pizza as quickly as possible on the wooden peel, so the dough does not have time to stick to it, and a wooden peel is necessary with corn meal in order to have the pizza safely depart the peel to stone neatly and efficiently. The wooden peel provides natural texture with the corn meal, preventing sticking of the pizza to the peel, and sliding off neatly onto the stone. The pizza peel likes to stick to the metal peel if used with the raw dough, making it exceedingly difficult to shake the pizza off. I only use the metal peel for spinning the pizza around while cooking, as it cooks faster in the rear toward the fire, so it is essential to spin it around while cooking to insure even cooking, and the metal peel to remove the pizza. Pay attention to the top of the pizza and the bottom in judging when to remove it when you deem that it is done. I hope you enjoy using the Kettle pizza attachment as much as I do. My wife doesn't want to go out for pizza anymore though, she wants the good homemade wood fired pizza only this can give you. Good luck and enjoy!

By S. Starbeck

This is absolutely the bomb I like my grills and this has been a very nice addition to the collection.
The Quality of the the materials is top notch and well constructed. The first pizza out of the grill was unbelievable
I have learned not to make them with to much topping because of the cooking speed it doesnt get done so thin is good
and not heavy on the toppings
I would buy again

By J. Mancuso

There are a lot of gimmicks out there for Weber kettles but this is NOT one of them. I'm very happy with the pizza kettle and the reason is because it turns the kettle into a coal fired brick oven which you can make artisan bread, roast a chicken, oh and I hear it can make a decent pizza :) The big problem I've always had with indirect grilling is that as soon as you open the lid to check your food your temp drops down a few hundred degrees and takes 5 minutes to return. As long as you have a long pair of tongs you can have burgers/dogs/chicken on the grill, flip them a few times and not lose any heat. Great with thick cuts of meat. (You can experiment and change the recommended "C" configuration of the charcoal for a bit more direct heat but I haven't played around with that yet.) It's definitely easier to manipulate with the lid off but hey, that's the compromise. I've had great results with a butterflied garlic & herb rubbed Bell & Evans chicken in a cast iron skillet. Golden brown and it picked up some of the hickory from the wood chunks and Stubbs charcoal briquettes. Oh yeah, and while I'm at it real charcoal briquettes are the best way to go as opposed to the industrial chemical concoction known as Kingsford. Better flavor and more heat.

As for pizza, you can read tons of other reviews- it's fantastic. The reviewer who called it "useless" and said you can do pizza directly on the grates is not entirely correct. Doing it that way you have to flip the pizza, then add toppings, then make sure the cheese/toppings get browned. Do-able... but a royal pain in the butt. Pizza stone is the way to go.

As for parts & assembly, it took all of 3 minutes...and made in the USA!

By Chuck Whitaker, Mather CA

I've been using this for about a year (30 times) and have great results. I use Kingsford Charcoal and whatever hardwood is handy -- almond and walnut lately. I don't use a lot of cornmeal because I place my dough on a sheet of parchment paper --be sure to trim closely around the pizza. I used a beer dough for awhile, but have switched to the recipe in Bon Apetite --[...]. You have to plan a day ahead of time, but the results are outstanding. When I don't plan head I use a beer dough pizza that rocks! 1pint warm beer, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 2 packages of yeast, about a tablespoon of salt, 6 cups of flour.

No need to over think these -- tomatoes, salt, pepper, basil, garlic, cheese, veggies, meat.

It isn't rocket science, but makes my world a much better place.

By C. Chocolyle

Simply awesome!

Looks awesome, works awesome, company people via FB or e-mail have been awesome! I ordered mine on a Wednesday, I'm in CT they're in MA. Normal UPS is 1 day from MA to me but I wanted to have it for the weekend. They were at a show and responded that night that they would try to get it out to me for Friday. Sure enough, there it was on that day! Awesome! Wish I had a store to sell these! I have even told total strangers about the Kettle Pizza! Yep pretty weird.

Made in the US in MA can't go wrong with that. Everything arrived as it should even the bumper sticker I asked for.

Tips: Don't use lump charcoal with this. That is all I use for my other cooking on my Weber but for this it can run too hot or not very long. Like one pizza long. The first time using it I was well over 1500! Yikes!

I don't care for Kingsford because of the "stuff" thats left over after, the coal and other additives and the smell on start up. I tried Stubbs Natural Briquet and it was pretty good for a briquet charcoal. With a fullish Weber Chimney and two small pieces of oak I can easily run for 4-6 pizzas!

Also check out Forno Bravo for a great dough recipe and other items.

By Fabio M.

I have been looking for a simple solution to getting a brick oven with out the cost. This resolves it perfecly. The pizza have been cooked to perfection.only make sure that you give it time and proper fuel to achieve high temps.Friends and neighbors want one.
Looking forward to many pizzas.

By: Mark Helms

The kettle pizza product is so much fun to use. One a cold day, it maintained temperature around 800+ for long enough to prepare and cook 5 pizzas before it had to be restoked with coals and wood. After the lid was off, it got back up to cooking temp before I could finish my drink. Skip the pan and go right to direct cooking on a pizza stone. You've got to have a peel to use with the stone. It is very awkward to use a spatula at that angle, and it could get very messy trying to turn and rotate the pizza because the opening is small. I wasn't sure if the wood flavor would be there, but it was there. The pizzas were perfect! Love that it is American made too! If you're on the fence....don't be...this is worth every penny.

By Kimberly M.

Hello George & Al,
I received a KettlePizza as a Christmas gift and it is the best gift ever! I luv my Weber and the KettlePizza has brought it to another level. I have grilled pizzas and I can't wait to use it to grill other things.

When I was growing up in Lombard, Illinois my Dad and Mom always used the Weber Grill for cookouts. My Weber, which roasts the best turkeys, was purchased in 1992 and still has the original grates. But as you can see in the photo, I lost the ash/drip pan that went in between the legs under the grill, so I made a temporary substitute. I also decided that my new KettlePizza insert really needed a better looking grate to sit on, so I purchased a new Weber cooking grate. But, the old one will hang proudly on my barn wall.

Thank you,
Kimberly M.
Yukon, OK 73099
By D. McLaughlin
I honestly do not know why Weber has not bought this invetion up yet! I have had mine for almost a year now and there is no comparision to conventional homemade gas/electic oven pizza! I normally cook my pizza around 1,000 degrees on this bad boy and there is a HUGE difference in the final product! Why spend thousands on a brick and mortar oven when this does the job.

BUY ONE Today!
Mike J.

I couldn't wait to try the kettle pizza oven. It was easy to set up. There were no tools required. Everything arrived in the package and it was all good quality as promised. I couldn't believe that I would be able to have my BBQ reach 700 degrees, but with the use of hard lump charcoal and real mesquite wood, it was no problem. The third time I used it, I got a little carried away with the wood and the temperature reach about 1000 degrees, amazing. The pizzas were great from the first one and have just gotten better as I gain experience. My 19 year old daughter said she will never order a pizza to be delivered again. We have had fun creating new pizzas and using different doughs. The crust comes out crispy on the bottom and still has a nice chew as well. We had a group of friends and family over one Saturday night. Everyone had a good time creating their own favorite pizza. It was a real hit. I highly recommend this Kettle Pizza Oven if you like great pizza and grilling at the same time. Trader Joes has very good pizza dough that is ready to go, and you can't beat the price. Enjoy!

By David A.

Shortly after I received my Kettle Pizza Deluxe Oven I posted some pictures of the awesome wood-fired pizzas I was now making with it on Facebook. All of my friends were amazed [and envious] and one by one they too are ordering the Kettle Pizza Oven and posting their pictures. Everyone who has seen the oven in action is amazed and they can't get enough of the great tasting wood-fired pizza.

  By Renee Spindle (Mira Loma, CA United States) 
The kids got this for me for my birthday, and am I glad they did. I have cooked pizza on my Weber before,but I was always a little disappointed with the results. I have had this device for two weeks, and we have used it every Friday night since we got it. I was a little worried that I would not get the advertised temps, but it was no problem. 

I use one full Weber chimney starter of ordinary Kingsford Briquets, (my preferred, their cheap)arranged in a semi-circle around the back of the grill, then I add about 6-8 fist size chunks of either applewood or hickory. It takes about 10 minutes for the temp to max out both of the thermometers. I have a 14" pizza stone that I got from a local big box store, (again, it was cheap and it works), and I put that in the oven to warm up with the grill. 

We make the dough from scratch using Fleischmans Pizza Crust yeast. You don't have to wait for the dough to rise, and it makes a bomb crust. We roll the dough out on a wood pizza peel, using plenty of corn meal to keep it from sticking. Then each of the kids will add what they want for toppings and it goes in the oven. Total prep time for the pizzas is about 15 minutes, and once it goes it the oven it take about 4-6 minutes to cook. Golden brown crust, hot melted toppings, YUMMM! 

The grill stays hot enough to cook about 3-4 pizzas before adding more fuel. I never have added more charcoal, we just add more chunks of wood when the temps drop below 700, and the temp comes right back up. The first time we used it we cooked 7 pizzas, which around here was just about enough. 

There was a note in the box that said if you posted a video of the oven in use on youtube, they would send you a free gift. I posted the video, sent them the link, and within a week I received a very nice BBQ apron and some other gifts along with a nice personal note. You can't go wrong with customer service follow through like that. 

American Made, does what it says it will do, great customer follow through. 

Nuff Said..

 By campovencookqld
Well designed and very well made. 
Works well, does what the manufacturer claims. 
I used pure lump charcoal, not briquettes. 
Agree with a previous review, the temperature gauge was not accurate at higher temps and I had the fire running far too hot and burnt my second Pizza base. Will allow for this next time. 
Something different for a family gathering! 
The Pizzas are great! 
The only one Down Under I am told!

By Jim Jackobs, West Virginia
The Kettle Pizza Kit is a must have item if you plan to use your Weber Kettle as a pizza oven to create a wood fired pizza. Though a little pricey this concept beats the high cost of building a wood fired oven in many facets and it is portable. With a bit of patience, imagination and practice you too can be enjoying a tasty pizza not normally found in any of the big named pizza companies or even the smaller local pizzerias in your area. 

Great summer pizza, 
Bobbi Spofford (Danvers, MA United States)
I am very happy with this product and the good people that created it! Good old American ingenuity as its best.
This is great. I'm not a huge fan of charred crust or hot kitchens - this solved both problems. You use a pizza stone so no charred crust and the insert lets the grill heat up to 500 degrees and you never need to take the lid off the grill so it cools down. Just be sure to use enough charcoal.

By Michael K 
I’ve made pizza with this a couple of times now, it is excellent. If you use hardwood charcoal along with some actual pieces of wood you can get temperatures in excess of 700 degrees (not sure how hot because the supplied thermometer runs up to 700). If you are making multiple pizzas you may have to refuel in order to maintain really high temperatures. I’m still perfecting my technique, but starting the pizza on the pan on top of the pizza stone, and then transferring the pizza to the stone without the pan seems to work really well. Corn meal is your friend here, use it liberally. I’m getting very close to making brick-oven quality pizzas. If you have a Weber grill and like pizza, I highly recommend this.
Super Fun! 
By Christian H.
It's just plain old fun cooking pizza with my family and the KettlePizza.  We love it!

Christial Loves KettlePizza

KettlePizza is a hit!, 
By Marsha W. (Mahopac, NY United States)
I just made my first 2 pizzas, and I’m still learning how to use this device. It produces excellent results, but be aware – if you use too much fuel it will produce extreme heat levels! I pegged the thermometer and almost incinerated my first pie… but I got carried away with both the amount of charcoal as well as added wood. I used a chimney starter, as recommended, which I filled to the brim…after the coals are ready and spread around the edges, add about 1/3 (by volume) additional hardwood. The temperature will spike as the wood begins to burn. When the flames subside a bit, put the PizzaKettle top on. Wait till the temperature stabilizes at about 700 degrees before starting to cook. And while the product can be used with a baking stone, don’t try this the first time out. You’ll have plenty to do just using a pan, and the pan is easier to rotate for even cooking. I used apple wood as the hardwood fuel, which always produces a nice flavor when I use it in a vertical smoker.
The charcoal produces a longer lasting, even heat, but it’s the hardwood that will take you up into the pizza cooking temperature range of 600 – 700 degrees. Your food will cook quickly, so don’t walk away! If you are cooking at night, and light is not good, grab a flashlight and check your progress frequently. Peek at the underside, as well as the edges of the crust. Cook times are greatly affected by the amount of topping, thickness of the crust, temperature of the uncooked food, etc. You should have enough fuel for as many as 5 pies if you have them already assembled (or have backup support in the kitchen). A pizza can be cooked in as little as 3 minutes when the wood is really going strong.
For those on the path to pizza Nirvana, I want to share some well-known noobie mistakes, which I believe are rules to live by: Spread Not Too Much Sauce Upon Thy Pizza, For Thy Pizza Wilst Become A Soupy Mess and Thine Crust Will Never Be Crisp and Modestly Apply Thine Toppings, And Be Happy, As No One Single Pie Can Be All Things To All People Now, go forth and create great Pizza!
Best Pizza Ever,
By Mike from Texas
This is one of those things that make you go, “Why didn’t I think of that?” To make real pizza you have to have high heat. 700 degrees is easy with the KettlePizza. Our first try was ready in eight minutes, and turned out better than any dine in, take out or delivery pizza we’d ever had. We’ve made many pizzas, many different ways now. Thin crust, thick crust, simple Neapolitan style and one I call the Fat Texan Pizza. The FTP has pepperoni, Canadian bacon, hamburger, Italian sausage, anchovies, button mushrooms, carmelized Vidalia onions, Spanish olives, mozzarella, provolone and parmesan. I’ll never eat pizza out of a cardboard box again. And for my next trick…CALZONES!