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August 2016
KettlePizza Names Scales as Advertising and Branding Agency of Record

KettlePizza, the world’s leading wood-fired pizza oven kit for charcoal style kettle grills and gas grills, announced today that it has retained Scales as its advertising and branding agency of record.

Known for its insightful strategies and boundless creativity across a variety of capabilities and industries, Scales will develop and execute a comprehensive brand building campaign designed to maximize awareness of KettlePizza’s various product offerings among grilling aficionados and the public in general.

Commenting on the partnership, KettlePizza President Al Contarino stated, "We are thrilled to team up with Scales, an agency whose work we have admired for some time and with whom we are primed to take advantage of a truly important juncture in the evolution of our company. Over the past few months, we have proudly rolled out our ‘Made in the USA’ products in Walmart stores across the country, introduced a new pizza oven kit specifically designed for the millions of gas grill owners, and partnered with multi-channel retailer HSN to offer our products on HSN.com. Not only will Scales play an instrumental role in maximizing these initiatives, but will ensure that our brand messaging is on point across all facets of our business."

"Over the past five years, KettlePizza has done a tremendous job of building a loyal customer base due primarily to a product that works as well, if not better, as the company promises. Our objective is to take that grassroots passion and ensure that it is properly conveyed across all brand building mediums, from packaging to ad campaigns to social media and so on," added Scales President Walt Larsen.

About Scales:
Scales is a full-service agency that has been moving brands forward for over 40 years. Headquartered in St. Paul, MN, Scales has built its reputation based on its expertise in a number of key areas including brand strategy and messaging; print advertising campaign execution; digital advertising; social media; website and packaging development; and event marketing. Recent clients include 3M, Yeti, Tub O’ Towels, Latchways, and Big&J, among others.

June 2016
KettlePizza™ Launches "Gas Pro" Model For Cooking Perfect Pizza on Gas Grills
KettlePizza™, the world's leading "Made in the USA" wood-fired pizza oven kit for charcoal style kettle grills, announced today the debut of the KettlePizza Gas Pro, a one piece stainless steel unit that transforms gas grills into high heat pizza ovens. The KettlePizza Gas Pro will be offered in a limited release of 100 units beginning Sunday June 5th 2016 via KettlePizza.com.

Placed on a pre-heated gas grill along with a pizza stone, the KettlePizza Gas Pro creates a high heat-cooking chamber that cooks the top and bottom of the pizza simultaneously. The KettlePizza Gas Pro unit will be offered in three different kits each including the 15" Cordierite pizza stone (Basic model), a second with a pizza stone and a wooden peel (Deluxe model), and a third with a pizza stone and an aluminum pro peel (Deluxe USA model).

Like the company's highly popular insert for creating wood fired, brick oven-style pizza on kettle charcoal grills, the Gas Pro are "Made in the USA". The KettlePizza Gas Pro requires a gas grill with a grilling surface of at least 17 inches deep and 24 inches wide, ideally with at least three adjustable burners.

Commenting on the introduction of the Gas Pro unit, KettlePizza President and Co- founder Al Contarino stated, "Over the past five years, we have provided grillers worldwide with a cost-effective alternative to traditional outdoor brick ovens, transforming their kettle-style grills into wood and charcoal burning pizza ovens. With the debut of the KettlePizza Gas Pro, a product that we have created in tandem with various grilling experts, we are now able to offer another perfect pizza grilling experience to the majority of US households that own gas grills."

January 2016
Price is Right Chooses KettlePizza Prize Packages

We were very excited to be chosen by the staff at Price is Right to offer our product as a prize during the first few months of 2016.

September 29, 2015
KettlePizza Wood-fired Backyard Pizza Ovens to be Sold At Walmart
GROVELAND, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--KettlePizza today announced that its flagship product, an innovative Made in the USA kit that converts a kettle-style charcoal grill -- like a Weber -- into a wood-burning, backyard pizza oven, will be carried by Walmart beginning in 2016. Walmart decided to distribute KettlePizza products in its stores and online at Walmart.com following the retailer’s US Manufacturing Summit and Open Call, held this summer.

Starting in January 2016, for the first time consumers will be able to purchase the world’s leading wood-fired pizza oven kit for grills in Walmart stores. Walmart’s decision to carry KettlePizza is part of the retailer’s initiative to purchase an additional $250 billion in products over 10 years that support the creation of American jobs -- a positive trend that is gaining momentum across industries.

“When we pledged early on to source as many KettlePizza components as possible from US suppliers, we knew that we might take a competitive hit,” said Al Contarino, president of KettlePizza. “If we sourced KettlePizza components from outside the US, we would likely increase our profit margins. But we could never manage the quality of these parts like we’re able to do today thanks to the relationships we’ve built with our closely-aligned US partners.”

As part of the US Manufacturing Summit, manufacturers had the opportunity to “pitch” their products to Walmart buyers. The two-day event, held at Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, AR, was an opportunity for KettlePizza and hundreds of other companies committed to increasing US manufacturing to showcase their products to the Walmart community. Components for KettlePizza’s wood-fired kits are sourced from companies located throughout the US --California, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Ohio.

“The opportunity to offer our products through Walmart means that another Made in USA product becomes readily available to more consumers,” said Contarino. “The big winners are US workers and their families as increased sales of US-made products have a tremendous ripple effect throughout the economy.”

“We think the KettlePizza kit will delight Walmart customers and provide a unique solution to the outdoor cooking enthusiast,” said Matt Kovach, outdoor entertaining buyer at Walmart. “The KettlePizza kit, at about half the cost of stand-alone pizza ovens, is a low cost outdoor pizza cooking solution that doesn’t require people to add an additional ‘grill’ to their backyard.”

President and CEO of Walmart U.S. Greg Foran on stage with a KettlePizza

President and CEO of Walmart U.S. Greg Foran
on stage with a KettlePizza

About KettlePizza™

Founded in 2010 by inventors and entrepreneurs Al Contarino and George Peters, KettlePizza™ is an All-American small business success story. From humble beginnings in Al’s barn to distribution partners across the country and around the world, KettlePizza offers grill aficionados and families that enjoy home cooked meals or entertaining friends an authentic wood-burning pizza oven experience. KettlePizza has multiple patents pending, was named 2013 Retailers Choice Award at the National Hardware Show, and was recently featured on CNBC.com, Steve Harvey and The Boston Globe. For more information, visit http://www.kettlepizza.com.

Previous News and Reviews:

The Boston Globe, July 16, 2015
Mass.-made KettlePizza kit attracts Walmart’s attention

If you’re going to fly all the way from Massachusetts to Arkansas to pitch your product to a company, you probably don’t want to leave until you’ve sealed the deal. And when that potential customer is Walmart Stores Inc., the biggest brick-and-mortar retailer in the country, there’s certainly added pressure.

CNBC.com, July 7, 2015
‘Shark Tank,’ Wal-Mart style

In an office 34 miles outside Boston, in Groveland, Massachusetts, two entrepreneurs have been crafting what they hope will be a perfect product pitch to the world's largest retailer.
KettlePizza and Walmart

The Huffington Post, June 16, 2015
The KettlePizza Turns Your Regular Grill Into A Backyard Pizzeria, ‘Cuz Why Not?

Move over, bangles: we've found a new must-have summertime accessory. You know how a brick oven produces pizza with a super-crisp crust that's still soft and chewy in the middle? And you know how you can never seem to replicate that in your conventional oven? That's because brick pizza ovens fire upwards of 800 degrees Fahrenheit, which your oven just isn't capable of doing.

The Boston Globe, May 19, 2015
Turn your backyard grill into a wood-fired oven

GROVELAND — Al Contarino works a Weber kettle in the parking lot of his office building and announces, “I’m not a chef.” But he is turning out Neapolitan-style Margherita pizzas so beautifully browned, with a charred crust and leopard-speckled bottom, that you might think you were in a celebrated wood-fired pizzeria.

The Boston Globe, April 26, 2015
Fire up the grill with KettlePizza

Grilling (especially for men) can be a competitive sport. Al Contarino, 45, of Boxford, is an example. When the inventor and grilling enthusiast realized that opening the grill lid releases heat and stalls cooking, he created his own design. That led to KettlePizza (kettlepizza.com), a stainless steel insert that is placed between the rack and lid of a kettle grill, creating a cooking chamber that remains consistently and evenly hot. Perfect for (but not limited to) wood-fired pizza.

Seattle Maven, Dec. 23, 2014
Neopolitan Pizza Lovers, Behold the KettlePizza!

Quietly it lay buried in the advertising pages in the way-back of the October Sunset magazine comfortably-snuggled somewhere between the Incinolet and redwood hot tubs. The simple advertisement for the KettlePizza converter drew me in like moth to flame: The idea of turning my Weber kettle-grill into a Neapolitan pizza oven.

Boston Business Journal, Nov. 20, 2013
Groveland business cooks up success with device that turns charcoal grills into pizza ovens

Just about everybody likes pizza. And lots of people enjoy cooking on a charcoal grill. Now two guys working in an industrial park in Groveland have put those two things together, and it's bringing them a global market.

Marilyn Denis Show Canada, June 10, 2013Grilling Gadgets
KettlePizza on Marilyn Denis Show Canada

Today Show, May 27 2013
Outdoor Tech Toys with Carley Knobloch

KettlePizza on Today Show with Carley Knobloch