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Backyard Pizza Oven FAQ's:

Because KettlePizza is a new way of building and operating a backyard pizza oven, there have naturally been many questions from our customers. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently-asked pizza oven questions our customers have come to us with and we’ve put them in one helpful place for you. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, hands-on customer service, so if you still have a question after reading through these, don’t hesitate to contact us!

: What size kettle grills does the KettlePizza insert fit?
Answer: 18.5” 22.5” & (with extension plate) a 26.75”non hinged kettle grills, preferably a Weber kettle.

Question: Where can I download the KettlePizza instruction booklet?
Answer: The instructions can be downloaded here.

Question: What type/size kettle grill do you recommend to use with the KettlePizza?
Answer: We recommend the 22.5” size. This size works with our baking steel and Prograte/Tombstone KettlePizza accessories as well. We have a page dedicated to answering this question here: Weber Grill Suggestions.

Question: Will the KettlePizza work on the 18.5 and 22.5" Weber Smokey Mountain?
Answer: Yes! Remove the center section of the WSM and the KettlePizza works great!

Question: Will the KettlePizza work with the Stok grills?
Answer: Yes! We have many customers who use the KettlePizza on Stok grills.

Question: Will the KettlePizza work on a Big Green Egg?
Answer: No. The KettlePizza does not work on BGE.

Question: Why is it hard to insert and remove pizzas from my KettlePizza?
Answer: This is a common mistake. Check to make sure that the grill grate is installed on the three standoffs inside the KettlePizza and not sitting inside the kettle grill. The grate should be even with the bottom opening of the KettlePizza.

Question: I have a conventional oven pizza stone. Will this work with my KettlePizza?
Answer: Our Cordierite stones withstand heat over 1200 degrees needed to cook pizza hot and fast. Convection oven style stones do not withstand high heats required to cook pizza which can result in a cracked stone.

Question: Why do bolts extend 2” on outside of Kettle pizza insert?
Answer: The extended bolts provide enough in length to rest the bottom of KettlePizza insert level over lip of base and level for kettle lid.

Question: Why is my grate not flush and lower than front opening?
Answer: You probably have the grate installed in the kettle standoffs and not ion the KettlePizza standoffs. First remove existing kettle grate. Then place KettlePizza insert on base of kettle grill resting on horizontal wing nuts. Then slide your grate at an angle into position.

Question: When do I place my stone in?
Answer: As your charcoal and wood chunks are firing up, assemble your KettlePizza as directed and place the stone on the grate and cover with the kettle lid. Your stone should be hot enough to cook your pizza on in about 15 minutes. Look for the temperature to reach “PIZZA” level on the thermometer.

Question: How do I refuel my KettlePizza?
Answer: Unless you are using our ProGrate, you must remove the KettlePizza insert from the grill to add fuel to the kettle base.

: What is the height of my KettlePizza insert?
Answer: 6.5”

Question: What is the width and Height of KettlePizza opening?
Answer: Width: 17” – Height: 3.25”

Question: How wide is the aluminum peel?
Answer: Measures 22" x 12". Made completely in the USA. The KettlePizza Pro Peel is a sturdy, professional grade pizza peel (paddle) that will outlast any other pizza peel you may have owned.

Question: What is the length and width of my wood peel?
Answer: The KettlePizza 22 inch wooden pizza peel is built to endure the heat yet it is economically priced. 12x14 inch blade. 22 inch overall length. Made in USA.

Question: When do you use a wood peel?
Answer: To prepare your pizza. Tip: Use a little cornmeal on your wood peel to help prevent sticking.

Question: When do you use an aluminum peel?
Answer: To turn and remove cooked pizza. Great for checking bottom of pizza and sliding out of oven. Tip: Raise aluminum peel to top of dome for higher heat to cook extra toppings.

Question: Why did my KettlePizza insert discolor over time?
Answer: KettlePizza insert is made of 304 grade stainless steel. “Heat Tint” a natural discoloration process will occur over time caused by heat. You can use a stainless steel cleaning product. However, your KettlePizza insert will not return back to original color.

Question: My stone has slight imperfections
Answer: Our pizza stones are made of the highest quality materials and Made in the USA. They are handmade and may have slight imperfections that will not affect performance.

Question: How do I clean my stone?
Answer: To clean, scrape off excess food with a spatula. When the stone has cooled, run it under hot water while scrubbing with a brush. Do not use soap on the stone as it may leave a soapy aftertaste. The natural properties of the stone will cause it to darken and spot with age; do not attempt to remove this discoloration. Air-dry the stone.

Question: What is the warranty on KettlePizza
Answer: 90 days.

Question: Can I cook other foods besides Pizza?
Answer: Yes. You can bake and grill all kinds of foods including bread and cookies.

Question: Does the baking steel make that much of a difference in cooking time?
Answer: The baking steel will cut cooking time about 1-3 minutes per pizza depending on toppings and thickness of crust. Please note, Baking steel works with Prograte/Tombstone with Kettle grill size 22.5” only.

Question: Is my baking steel already pre-seasoned?
Answer: Yes your baking steel is pre-seasoned with flax seed oil. After each use it must be seasoned again with a food-safe cooking oil such as olive, canola or flax seed.

Question: How do I clean my baking steel?
Answer: Clean baking steel with a stiff nylon brush. No soap or detergents. Avoid putting baking steel in cold water. Baking steel may warp due to thermal shock. If Baking Steel is wet, towel dry immediately.

Question: When do I re-season my baking steel? How do I re-season my baking steel?
Answer: If food sticks to the surface or you notice a dull grey color. Re-season your baking steel by washing in hot, soapy water and a stiff brush. Rinse and dry completely. Apply a dab of organic flax seed oil (recommend Barleans) or cooking oil in center of baking steel. Use a paper towel to wipe oil around baking steel evenly. Use another towel to wipe excess oil. Do this procedure to both sides. Prepare your KettlePizza oven with charcoal and hardwood. Once your KettlePizza thermometer reaches 375-400 degrees place baking steel on grate and bake for one hour. After one hour let grill cool and remove baking steel.

Question: My Weber is called a "Weber 22" not a 22.5. Will the KettlePizza fit?
Answer: Yes it will fit fine.

Question: Will the KettlePizza work with a Weber Smokey Mountain?
Answer: Yes. Remove the middle section and put the KettlePizza between the top and bottom.


Question: What size grills does the KettlePizza Gas Pro insert fit?
Answer: Any gas grill with at least 24 in x 17 in cooking surface and 3+ burners.