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KettlePizza Charcoal & Gas Grill Recommendations:

We are constantly asked which grills are the best ones to use with the KettlePizza. We feel that the Weber kettles are the best charcoal grills available for longevity and reliability, and we recommend Weber as the best grill for pizza. If you’re ready to make pizza on a Weber grill, then there are some specific models that we’ve tested and decided are the best match with our product.

The Basic 22.5" Weber Kettles work great with the KettlePizza. The Weber Gold's have an integrated ash catcher and hinged grill grates that allow for easier refueling. The Weber Silver's are less expensive and don't have the ash catcher or hinged grate. KettlePizza customers use both Silver and Gold Weber kettles with equally good performance. Please note these are recommendations only and KettlePizza is not affiliated with Weber-Stephen Products Co. in any way.
Weber Gold Kettle

Weber has a higher end line called Weber Performer, which is essentially a 22.5-inch kettle with a small work table on the side. They are great for cooking and preparing pizzas. The high end performers have a gas-assist function to get the charcoal started. Coupled with a KettlePizza, this is an awesome alternative to an outdoor pizza oven without breaking the bank!
Weber Performer

For gas grills we also feel that Weber makes a great product. One of our favorite Weber gas grills for is the Weber Genesis. This grill has one of the highest quality construction/price ration that we have ever seen. It throws out 38,000 BTU's which is perfect for cooking pizza with the KettlePizza Gas Pro.

We have found Amazon to have consistently low prices on Weber grills and Amazon Prime customers can get free two day shipping!