KettlePizza Assembly Instructions & Owner's Manual

Important Safety Warning:

As with all charcoal grills, there can be some risks involved and we want you to stay safe while using our product. Please read the following instructions and safety warnings completely before use. Save this booklet for future reference and feel free to contact us with any questions at 888-205-1931

  • You should always exercise reasonable care when operating your KettlePizza Oven
  • The KettlePizza Oven will be hot during and after cooking and should never be left unattended while in use or while the grill is still hot
  • Never leave children, infants or pets unattended near a hot KettlePizza Oven
  • Only use outdoors in areas with adequate ventilation
  • Keep far away from combustible materials
  • Never remove ashes until charcoal is completely burned out
  • Access to a fire extinguisher whenever using a charcoal grill is highly recommended
  • Intended for use with charcoal style grills only
  • Do not use in high winds
  • Do not wear loose clothing that can catch fire while operating the KettlePizza Oven
  • Only use KettlePizza brand pizza stones as oven style stones may crack from the high temperatures achieved in the KettlePizza
  • Heat resistant gloves are recommended when handling the KettlePizza insert

  • This product is covered by a 90 day warranty on materials and workmanship
  • If within this period the product does not perform as advertised please return to place of purchase for your money back

KettlePizza Assembly Instructions:

  1. Remove all items from box. WARNING – be careful when removing the sheet metal body because it may expand without the restraint of the box. Lay out the items on the floor or table. No tools are necessary to complete assembly.

  2. Removing Kettle Pizza from Box

  3. Form the pizza oven ring by taking the two 2-inch bolts and placing them through the rear holes as shown. Place the lock washer and the wing nut on each bolt on the inside of the ring and hand tighten. If you are assembling this product for use on an 18.5 inch grill, overlap the rear holes as shown in bottom photo. Try to have the wing nuts aligned parallel with the top edge of the KettlePizza.

  4. 22.5 Inch Assembly:

    18.5 Inch Assembly (note overlap which decreases diameter):

  5. Attach the two handles to the pizza oven ring as shown. Again, place the lock washer and wing nut on each bolt inside of the ring and hand-tighten. Continue to align the wing nuts parallel with the top of the KettlePizza.

    4. Remove the round cooking grate that comes with your 22.5 inch kettle grill. Insert it into the middle of the pizza oven ring as shown. The grate will rest on the three lower wing nuts. This will keep the form of the KettlePizza in a perfect circle.

    5. Insert thermometer as shown and tighten the rear wing nut by hand.

6. If you are installing on a Weber Performer style grill remove the two plastic standoffs on the side mounted lid holder and set aside.

7. Holding the two handles, place the KettlePizza oven onto your kettle grill body and cover it with the grill lid.

KettlePizza Starting Instructions:

1. Place the unit in a safe area away from combustible materials. Remove the grill lid and KettlePizza body and place in a safe place, preferably on the ground.

2. Add charcoal to the grill. A “chimney” is commonly used to light charcoal without the need for starting fluids. Fast lighting charcoal is not recommended as it will burn too quickly and may give off a foul flavor.

3. Once the charcoal is at temperature, (starting to turn gray) add the coal to the bottom of the grill body by gently dumping the chimney. Watch out for sparks during this operation.

4. Take a long spatula, tongs or metal pizza peel and move the charcoal to the rear of the grill body in a “C” shape. The goal is to have most of the heat in the rear of the kettle grill. When using a stone add a small amount of charcoal directly under the stone as well.

NOTE: If you want higher temperatures for pizza cooking (600-700+ degrees F) you will need to add hardwood chunks or small logs to the charcoal in the rear. You will not achieve these temperatures with charcoal alone.

5. Place the KettlePizza insert onto the grill, and place the grill lid on top of the insert.

6. For most cooking applications, we recommend keeping the top vent closed and the bottom vent slightly open. Feel free to experiment with the vents depending on the exact fuel combination you may be using.

Pan Pizza Cooking Instructions:

Cooking pizza on a pan is easier as the pizza can be prepared in advance and there is no need to place/remove the pizza from the stone with a pizza peel.

  1. Coat your aluminum pizza pan with an oil-based cooking spray to prevent the pizza from sticking. Flour an approximately. 8 oz. ball of dough and begin working it into a circle using your hands right in the pan
  2. Spread tomato sauce evenly over the pizza, followed by cheese and any other toppings you enjoy. Having extra pans on hand can be useful as you can pre-make multiple pizzas prior to cooking in the KettlePizza. The pans can be used for serving as well.
  3. If your kettle has not yet reached optimum cooking temperatures, remove the grill lid and KettlePizza insert to add pieces of hardwood to the charcoal. For pan pizza we recommend 600-700 degrees (F).
  4. Insert the aluminum pan and pizza, placing it onto the center of the grate using either a gloved hand or your pizza peel.
  5. After two minutes or so, rotate the pan 180° to ensure even cooking. Check the top and bottom after 5 minutes as your pizza should be near completion.
  6. Once the entire pizza has been cooked sufficiently, remove the pan from your KettlePizza keeping in mind that it will be very hot at this point.
  7. Allow the pizza to cool, cut it into pieces, and enjoy your homemade wood-fired pizza!

Tip – If your pizza bottoms burn, check to see that there is no charcoal or wood chunks directly under the surface of the pan. The heat must be at the back of the kettle.

KettlePizza 15” Round Stone Cooking Instructions:

When cooking with a stone be sure to use a KettlePizza Brand stone and either a wood or metal pizza peel. Non-KettlePizza stones are not recommended as they may crack with the high temperatures achieved. KettlePizza stones and peels are included with deluxe kits and are available separately at

  1. First, place your cooking stone onto the grate of your KettlePizza as it will need at least fifteen minutes to heat up. Some coals should be under the stone but most of the coals and hardwood should be staged in the rear of the kettle for maximum heat flow up the rear of the pizza oven.
  2. To test stone temperature, put a couple droplets of water onto the stone. If the water “dances” then the stone is at temperature. An infrared thermometer is also handy for measuring stone temperature.
  3. Put a layer of flour, cornmeal or semolina on a flat surface, and begin working an approximately. 8 oz. ball of dough into a circle using your hands or a rolling pin.
  4. Take a pizza peel, coat it with flour, cornmeal or semolina and place the dough on it. Add tomato sauce, cheese, and toppings. Note: Using fewer toppings will make sliding the pizza off the peel easier.
  5. Using your pizza peel, slide your pre-made pizza into the center of your cooking stone.
  6. After around 2 minutes, you should rotate the pizza by 180 degrees, allowing the heated back to evenly cook the entire pizza. KettlePizza Spinners are available separately to help facilitate spinning and popping bubbles in the dough.
  7. After 5 minutes, your pizza should be near completion. Check the top and bottom to ensure that all sections are properly cooked.

  8. TIP:
    If the top of your pizza needs extra heat, you can lift the pizza into the upper part of the dome with your pizza peel, giving it more time to cook toppings. This is called “Doming” your pizza.

KettlePizza ProGrate & Tombstone Instructions:

The ProGrate/Tombstone Combo Kit is designed to work with 22.5” KettlePizza inserts only. It has a larger, thicker stone which retains more heat. The unique grate allows for faster refueling and the rear firebox yields higher dome temperatures for faster bakes.

  1. Place the ProGrate frame into the center of your KettlePizza unit (it sits on the three inside standoffs of the KettlePizza).
  2. Insert the KettlePizza unit onto the kettle grill.
  3. Once inserted, gently drop the stone onto the rectangular opening in the ProGrate and place the fire basket into the rear opening – it should fit snugly in the opening.
  4. Now use the KettlePizza per the original operating instructions. We recommend a base of charcoal and hardwood in the rear of the kettle grill in a “C” formation with a small layer of charcoal directly under the stone.
  5. Test your stone temperature by putting a couple droplets of water onto the stone. If the water “dances” then the stone is at temperature. An infrared thermometer is also handy for measuring stone temperature.
  6. Add some hardwood chunks or charcoal briquettes to the fire basket. These will flame up and you should see fire through the mouth of the oven. The fire basket allows more heat to circulate in the dome of the KettlePizza yielding faster cooking cycles.

When cooking, the goal is to get the air temperature above the pizza about 200 degrees higher than the temperature of the stone.

KettlePizza Baking Steel Instructions:

The KettlePizza Baking steel is designed to work with 22.5” KettlePizza inserts only. Its purpose is to provide extra heat inside the chamber of your KettlePizza by reducing air volume inside the chamber. Also, the steel conducts heat very quickly; this heat then radiates down onto the pizza which is on the surface of your stone.

For best results use the Baking Steel in conjunction with the KettlePizza ProGrate/Tombstone kit. Instructions are as follows:
1. Set up your KettlePizza and ProGrate/Tombstone per previous instructions.
2. Charcoal should be mostly in the back of the kettle with about 25% under the cooking stone.

3. Once stone is at temperature (about 10 minutes), add hardwood to the firebox in the rear of the ProGrate.
4. Place the KettlePizza Baking Steel onto the top standoffs of the KettlePizza. Once it is in place do not touch it again as it will get very hot. To refuel, drop wood chunks or charcoal down the openings of the KettlePizza Baking Steel. You can refuel the firebasket by pushing hardwood along the stone to the rear basket with a peel, tongs or a long spatula.

5. You can add the grill lid on top of the KettlePizza although it is not necessary. Vents on your kettle grill should be wide open. The hardwood in the firebox will flame up. The flames will come in contact with the Baking Steel and the steel will get very hot.

You are now ready to cook pizza!



 Always use grill gloves when operating your KettlePizza.
 Your Baking Steel will get darker with each use.
 Your Baking Steel is pre-seasoned to prevent rusting.
 Remove grill lid from the KettlePizza once you are done cooking to help with cooling.
 Store the Baking Steel, uncovered, in a dry place when cooled.
 DO NOT try to remove the KettlePizza Baking Steel when it is hot.
 DO NOT try to move your grill set up when the KettlePizza and Baking Steel is installed – it will be top heavy.
Cleaning Your KettlePizza Baking Steel™
1. Clean Baking Steel with a stiff nylon brush. Using soap is not recommended. Harsh detergents should never be used. Avoid putting the Baking Steel into cold water. Thermal shock can occur causing the metal to warp.
2. Towel dry immediately if water is used or Baking Steel gets wet.
3. Do not let your Baking Steel air dry, as this can promote rust.
4. If for some reason your Baking Steel develops rust spots (maybe a well-meaning relative washed your utensils in the dishwasher or with some soap thinking they were being helpful), don’t panic. Simply scour off the rust using a very fine grade of sandpaper or steel wool and refer to the re-seasoning section below.
Re-seasoning Your KettlePizza Baking Steel™

IMPORTANT NOTE: Maintaining the seasoning will keep your Baking Steel in good condition and protect it from rusting, after each cook you should repeat the seasoning process. Wash the Baking Steel with hot, soapy water and a stiff brush. (It is okay to use soap this time because you are preparing to re-season the Baking Steel.)

1. Rinse and dry completely.
2. Apply a dab of organic flax seed oil (recommend Barleans) in the center of the Baking Steel. Take a paper towel and wipe the oil around the steel evenly. Use another paper towel and wipe off excess. Do this to both sides of the Baking Steel.
3. Set oven temperature to 375˚-400˚F.
4. Place Baking Steel on rack of the oven.
5. Bake the Baking Steel for one hour. After the hour, turn off the oven and let the Baking Steel cool in the oven.
Other Uses for the KettlePizza Baking Steel Some customers use the KettlePizza Baking Steel as a skillet without the KettlePizza insert. It can be a fun to cook breakfast, vegetables or meats.
KettlePizza Refueling:
Use care when refueling the KettlePizza and heat resistant gloves should be used. Refueling is most easily done with two people. One person should hold both handles and lift the KettlePizza just a couple inches off of the
kettle grill. Slide the KettlePizza back, this will allow the other person to add some hardwood or charcoal to the rear of the kettle grill. Gently replace the KettlePizza Insert.
KettlePizza Cooking & Maintenance Tips & Tricks:
1. The optimum temperature for cooking pizza is between 600 and 750 degrees F. This temperature will not be achieved using charcoal alone – you need a charcoal base with hardwood on top.
2. Try different foods in the KettlePizza oven! Using a skillet you can cook fish, vegetables, chicken and just about anything you can think of. Cookies and brownies are fun to cook as well!
3. A second grate can be added to the top standoffs, doubling your cooking surface for foods other than pizza.
KettlePizza Cleaning Instructions:
1. Find a stainless steel cleaning solution and apply some to the outside of your unit using a small towel or rag.
2. Scrub the polish onto your KettlePizza with a Scotch Brite™ pad – the coloring should be noticeably cleaner almost immediately.
3. For older or more frequently used units the cleaning could take more than one coat of polish.
4. Once the unit has reverted back to its original
silver appearance, rinse the outside lightly with water. You may also choose to rinse the outside of your kettle grill at this time.
5. The heat tint (brownish color) on the unit will not go away, especially on units that have been used repeatedly. This is normal and will not damage your unit.

KettlePizza Metal and Wooden Peel Use and Care:

Aluminum peels are best for removing a cooked pizza from a stone, however, many people use them for placing the uncooked pizza onto the stone as well. The handle is designed so that it can be bent to an angle that is comfortable for your use. Place the large part of the peel on a table and gently lift the handle to the angle that you like. Don’t forget about the handle bottle opener too!

Wood peels are best for preparing your pizza on and then sliding the pizza onto the stone. Use corn meal or flour to make sliding off the peel easier. Avoid leaving on hot surfaces as the wood will burn.

Hand wash your peel in warm soapy water. Rinse and hand dry. Never wash in a dish washer.

KettlePizza Cordierite Stone Care:

KettlePizza stones are made of the highest quality materials and American workmanship. They are hand made and may have slight imperfections that will not effect cooking performance.
To clean, scrape off excess food with a spatula. When the stone has cooled, run under got water while scrubbing with a brush. Do not use soap on the stone as it may leave a soapy aftertaste. The natural properties of
the stone will cause it to darken or stain over time. Do not attempt to remove the discoloration as it will not affect performance. Air-dry the stone after cleaning.

Easy Neapolitan Dough Recipe:

- 20 ounces (about 4 cups) bread flour, preferably Italian-style "OO"
- .4 ounces kosher salt (about 4 teaspoons)
- .3 ounces (about 2 teaspoons) instant yeast
- 13 ounces warm water
Procedure: 1. Combine flour, salt, and yeast in a large bowl and whisk until homogenous. Add water and incorporate into flour using hands until no dry flour remains on bottom of bowl. Cover bowl tightly with plastic wrap and allow it to rise at room temperature for 8 to 12 hours.
2. Turn dough out onto lightly floured surface and divide into four even balls. Place each in a covered quart-sized deli container or in a zipper-lock freezer bag. Place in refrigerator and allow to rise at least 2 more days, and up to 4. Remove from refrigerator, shape into balls, and allow to rest at room temperature for at least 2 hours before baking.

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