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Al Contarino

Al is the inventor of the KettlePizza and co-founder of the company.  “I’ve been working on grilling inventions for years but when I came up with this product I knew we had a shot at changing the way people cook on their grills.  George and I work very hard to produce the highest quality products possible.  We believe strongly in American … Continue reading “Al Contarino”

George Peters

George Peters is one of the co-founders of KettlePizza.  George is an inventor with a love of grilling and wood-fired pizza.  “I love great pizza and when Al showed me the first prototype of the KettlePizza Oven I knew we had a winner.  That was seven years ago.  We are very proud to have sold KettlePizza Inserts in over 60 … Continue reading “George Peters”

Laura Behrendt

We love to grill and we love pizza, so when I ran across the KettlePizza Oven on the internet I was very intrigued. We watched a few videos and decided to give it a shot and we were not disappointed. This immediately brought our pizza cooking to a whole new level. We love to experiment with sauces, toppings and crust … Continue reading “Laura Behrendt”

Brian and Shanna O’Hea

Meeting as students at the Culinary Institute of America, Brian and Shanna O’Hea have owned The Kennebunk Inn since 2003. Their culinary skills were honed in settings ranging from premier hotels (The Four Seasons – New York City, West Palm Beach) to university campuses (M.I.T.), clubs and resorts (Dixie Landing, Grand Floridian, Ocean Reef, Greenwich Country Club), and private residences … Continue reading “Brian and Shanna O’Hea”

Clint Cantwell

As a self described pizza connoisseur and grill master, I immediately fell in love with the KettlePizza Oven Kit when I was first introduced to it almost five years ago. There is nothing more satisfying then making your own pizza creations then grilling them to perfection on the KettlePizza! Perfectly smokey and crispy, each one could go head-to-head against the … Continue reading “Clint Cantwell”