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KRCB is a PBS TV station broadcasting to the entire San Francisco market and reaches about 2.5 million homes. Throughout the year, KRCB-TV delivers commercial-free educational, informational and cultural programming in partnership with the communities it serves. The station works with non-profit and government organizations and initiates discussions on key community issues while encouraging civic engagement.

So when we had the opportunity to support the annual KRCB Wine and Epicurean Auction, which will be broadcast this weekend (Friday, October 10 -12) and next weekend (Friday, October 17 – 19), we jumped at the opportunity faster than we would jump at the last slice coming off a KettlePizza oven (well, perhaps not that fastJ.

If you’re within reception of KRCB, tune in to station 22 or Radio 91 FM this weekend and next for a chance to participate in a great cause. If you’re located elsewhere in the US but still want to get involved, you can bid online right here, starting right now.

We donated several of our KettlePizza products, including this Pro 22 Kit — which we are thrilled to see already has an opening bid on it. There are lots of other great products being auctioned too. Take a look. But only you’re interested in great wine, culinary tours, dinner at the best restaurants, and what we think is the best wood fired pizza oven on the planet.

Bid on a KettlePizza and Support a Great Cause at the KPRC Auction
Bid on a KettlePizza and Support a Great Cause at the KPRC Auction

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