KettlePizza and Smokenator Make List of Top Nine Weber Kettle Accessories!

Both KettlePizza and Smokenator products have been listed as the top nine Weber kettle accessories by grilling expert Derrick Riches.  You can read the entire article and see the other top Weber Kettle Accessories here: 02 of 09 KettlePizza This accessory for the 18 or 22-Inch Kettle Grill turns it into a pizza oven with amazing cooking abilities. The cooking … Continue reading “KettlePizza and Smokenator Make List of Top Nine Weber Kettle Accessories!”

America’s Test Kitchen Calls the KettlePizza Pro 22 the Best Pizza Grilling Kit

If you trust America’s Test Kitchen and are still not sure about our KettlePizza Charcoal Ovens be sure to watch this review.  It can help answer some questions about our woodfired oven kits for Weber charcoal grills.

KettlePizza Gas Pro vs. Bakerstone Head to Head Comparison

It’s March, and has grilling on the brain. Here is an excerpt from their post: “Out here in California I also grill during the winter, just because I can, but it’s not until Spring and Summer until it really starts to get enjoyable. That’s when you can hang out by the barbecue and just enjoy the weather, along with … Continue reading “KettlePizza Gas Pro vs. Bakerstone Head to Head Comparison”

You Can Be a Made in USA KettlePizza Ovens Dealer!

For 2017 we are putting a huge emphasis on building out our retail channel!  Our product line of Made in USA KettlePizza Ovens and newly acquired Smokenator Grill Smokers are great products for any store that sells grills and grilling accessories. We offer two levels of dealer pricing – one for dealers that stock our products and one for dealers … Continue reading “You Can Be a Made in USA KettlePizza Ovens Dealer!”

America’s Test Kitchen Review of KettlePizza Charcoal Ovens

What better review is there than one from America’s Test Kitchen! These guys know kitchen and cooking gadgets, and we were thrilled when they decided to test the KettlePizza charcoal oven inserts we manufacture. See for yourself what they thought of our Made in USA products!