Join the KettlePizza Owners Group and Learn How to Make Amazing Pizza

The KettlePizza Owners Group on Facebook is the place to learn from professional and amateur pizza makers using their gas and charcoal KettlePizza Pizza Ovens.  Learning how to make great pizza is tough so why not get some help!  We all want to just have fun and make amazing pizza!  Check it out and join the group!

Matt Frampton’s Ultimate Pizza Dough – You Asked and Here It Is!

Many of you may know Matt Frampton as one of our earliest KettlePizza Ambassadors.  Recently, Matt was accepted at Tony Gemignnani’s International School of Pizza to enhance his pizza making skills!  His talents are already pretty impressive as Matt travels all around the country with his competitive BBQ team where he cooks pizza on his Charcoal KettlePizza and Weber kettle in the … Continue reading “Matt Frampton’s Ultimate Pizza Dough – You Asked and Here It Is!”

America’s Test Kitchen Calls the KettlePizza Pro 22 the Best Pizza Grilling Kit

If you trust America’s Test Kitchen and are still not sure about our KettlePizza Charcoal Ovens be sure to watch this review.  It can help answer some questions about our woodfired oven kits for Weber charcoal grills.