Back on the KettlePizza Blog

It’s been a long time since I have reached out via our blog.  And lots has happened since the last post!  I’m proud that we are still 100% committed to producing our products in the United States as it is what we feel is the right thing to do for our economy.  We have added new products, suppliers and employees. … Continue reading “Back on the KettlePizza Blog”

Made in USA is Still Going Strong at KettlePizza

I haven’t posted in a long while to our blog and there are so many things to talk about.  First, the Made in USA effort is successful and going strong.  Over the past year we have increased our production parts from 90% to 96% American Made.  Everything from our raw steel and wood to our nuts and bolts are now … Continue reading “Made in USA is Still Going Strong at KettlePizza”

Sneak Peak! “Tombstone” Style Pizza Stone/Grate Combo for KettlePizza Pro’s

We have had some pressure from the serious pizza foodies to develop a new pizza stone/grate combination.  This combo can be used on the top and bottom KettlePizza standoffs.  The stone is larger, thicker and “tombstone” shaped allowing more pizza cooking surface on the bottom as well as a refractory ceiling on the top.  The grates are 304 grade stainless steel and provide access points on the … Continue reading “Sneak Peak! “Tombstone” Style Pizza Stone/Grate Combo for KettlePizza Pro’s”

Our Quest for Made in USA Products – Still Going Strong!

We just dropped another Made in China vendor.  Our wooden pizza peels are now proudly made in Wisconsin USA!  We may not be able to meet the labor rates for Chinese workers but we can make that up with efficiency and automation.  Our peels are now made on a CNC router where a computer driven router cuts out each pizza peel exactly the … Continue reading “Our Quest for Made in USA Products – Still Going Strong!”

Moving Into Our New Manufacturing Center

As we have grown, we have had growing pains.  The biggest pain is that we had manufacturing and various operations running in different locations.  We have just completed our lease and we are in the process of building a cutting edge manufacturing and distribution center.  Looking forward to a great 2012!