KettleCookies Anyone???

Yes you read that right.  We cooked some chocolate chip cookies on the new stainless KettlePizza this week.  Since the temperature remains fairly constant in the chamber baking like this is easy!

Stainless Steel Model Update 3/19/2011

We were able to test the newly designed stainless models this week.  The results were better than we expected!  The slightly shorter chamber provided higher temperatures and more heat flow than before.  The stainless is actually slightly thicker than the cold rolled steel so the heat retention was a bit better than expected even with the “HOT” vent cutout in the … Continue reading “Stainless Steel Model Update 3/19/2011”

Stainless Steel Model Update

We’ve made a huge improvement to the already popular 22.5 inch KettlePizza!  The new model, KettlePizza SS, is made of 20 gauge type 304 stainless steel.  We just picked up the laser cut steel from our supplier in Peabody, MA.  We dropped the height by 1.25″ to provide better heat convection inside the cooking chamber.  We also added a vent above the thermometer … Continue reading “Stainless Steel Model Update”

Stainless Steel KettlePizza Available by Mid-March

The stainless steel KettlePizza version is officially in production!  This version will be available for 22.5 inch kettle grills.  Similar to the black hi-temp painted steel version except we are using 304 grade 20 gauge stainless sheet.  This version will provide superior resistance to the elements.  Units are expected to be available for sale in mid-March 2011.

New KettlePizza logo!

We’ve completed a new logo for KettlePizza!