KettlePizza Announces Support for Greater Boston Food Bank and Warrior Thunder Foundation  

All along, KettlePizza has incorporated support for the community throughout our business model. We support the community by creating more local jobs through our commitment to making our products in the USA. We support the community by paying our employees to spend a day volunteering. And now we’re proud to announce that we’ll be supporting the community by giving a … Continue reading “KettlePizza Announces Support for Greater Boston Food Bank and Warrior Thunder Foundation  “

Pizza, pizza, pizza…

Today’s guest post comes to us courtesy of Kim and Mic Stanfield, a New England-based BBQ competition team exploring the aspects of smoking and grilling!  The post was originally published here.  Know those foods that you don’t think  you could give up for good? Yup, one of mine would be Pizza — thick crust, thin crust, stuffed, sourdough, flat bread.  Any of … Continue reading “Pizza, pizza, pizza…”

Australia Day is Coming Up (January 26)

G’Day, mates! It’s almost Australia Day! That day in the height of their summer when Australians celebrate the anniversary of the First Fleet’s arrival at Port Jackson. Australia Day (January 26) is a time for Aussies to take a relaxing day at the end of a long weekend — spending time with family and friends, going to the beach, playing … Continue reading “Australia Day is Coming Up (January 26)”

KettlePizza 101: Getting Started with your New KettlePizza

Did you get a new KettlePizza this holiday? If you’re excited to enjoy wood oven-flavored pizza and wondering how to get started, we have some tips for you. You may want to watch this video from White Thunder BBQ on Unboxing, Setup and Installation – How to install a KettlePizza Deluxe. Now, start by using a chimney starter to bring … Continue reading “KettlePizza 101: Getting Started with your New KettlePizza”

Neopolitan Pizza Lovers, Behold the KettlePizza!

A guest post by Ann Peavey, aka @SeattleMaven.  The post originally appeared here. Quietly it lay buried in the advertising pages in the way-back of the October Sunset magazine comfortably-snuggled somewhere between the Incinolet and redwood hot tubs. The simple advertisement for the KettlePizza converter drew me in like moth to flame: The idea of turning my Weber kettle-grill into … Continue reading “Neopolitan Pizza Lovers, Behold the KettlePizza!”