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Can you recommend a gas grill to be used with the KettlePizza Gas Pro?

We have had great luck with the following Weber Genesis grills. You can learn more about them at here: Weber Gas Grill Recommendations From Amazon

What charcoal grills do you recommend to be used with the KettlePizza Charcoal kits?

We exclusively recommend Weber charcoal grills for use with our products.  The 22″ models are the most popular.  Customers often purchase the Weber kettle grills through 22 Inch Weber Kettle Recommendations From Amazon

Will the KettlePizza kits work with Weber 26.75 inch grills?

Yes with our extension kit you can adapt the KettlePizza ring for use in the Weber 26.75 inch grill. Extension Plate for 26.75 Inch Kettle Grills

Can you use KettlePizza kits without a pizza stone?

Yes, you can cook directly on the aluminum pan that is included with our charcoal and gas pizza oven kits.

What is the width of the opening on a KettlePizza Charcoal kit?

The width of the opening on the KettlePizza Charcoal kit when installed on a 22″ grill is 17″.