When do I re-season my Baking Steel? How do I re-season my Baking Steel?

Re-season if food sticks to the surface or if you notice a dull gray color. Re-season your Baking Steel by washing in hot, soapy water and a stiff brush. Rinse and dry completely. Apply a dab of organic flax seed oil (we recommend Barleans) or cooking oil in the center of the Baking Steel. Use a paper towel to wipe oil around Baking Steel evenly. Use another towel to wipe excess oil. Do this procedure to both sides. Prepare your KettlePizza Oven with charcoal and hardwood. Once your KettlePizza Oven thermometer reaches 375-400 degrees, place Baking Steel on grate and bake for one hour. After one hour, let grill cool and remove Baking Steel.