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imagesWe all know it’s important to eat our veggies. People who eat more vegetables are less likely to get cancer, heart disease and diabetes. They also have an easier time managing their weight. Now there’s evidence that vegetable and fruit consumption could be as good for your mental health as it is your physical health.

At KettlePizza, we say, what could be more delicious than getting your daily fill of vegetables via pizza?

Need more inspiration? Here are a few ideas for creating your own delicious veggie pizzas:

Get creative with your sauce

We’re not knocking traditional tomato sauce, which tastes great with many different kinds of vegetables. But why not mix it up with a different base on your pizza? Try pesto, alfredo sauce, simple garlic & olive oil, barbecue sauce, creamy ranch, or even hummus.

Pre-grill veggies for even more delicious flavor

Some vegetables – like peppers and onions – taste completely different when roasted or grilled before adding them to your pizza. Pre-grilling vegetables like zucchini and eggplant helps reduce the amount of moisture in these vegetables, intensifies their sweetness and adds some smoky char flavor. Vegetables like zucchini, summer squash and tomatoes can become very watery (and bland-tasting) on pizza; pre-grilling them will bring out new flavors that complement your pie.

Turn side dishes into the main attraction

Haven’t tried Brussels sprouts on pizza yet? Take a look at this mouth-watering recipe or shave brussels sprouts leaves (this works for asparagus too) and combine them with some other favorite toppings.

Make a ‘salad pizza’

Even greens can work on a grilled pizza. Raw radicchio or kale go from bitter and sharp to sweet and charred when cooked in your KettlePizza. Arugula is a popular green that only needs a quick grill to bring out its peppery flavor. Caesar salad pizza, made with either romaine lettuce, is something that everyone has to try.

Experiment with a veggie crust

Cauliflower (perhaps the new kale?) is an amazingly versatile veggie. Another new way to enjoy this white cruciferous vegetable is by turning it into a pizza crust. Check here for a cauliflower crust recipe that can be used in pizza, calzones and breadsticks.

Take it to the next level and go Vegan

All the delicious options for sauces and toppings may make it easier to forgo cheese on your pizza. Read this OregonLive article for inspiration and options when it comes to making a Vegan, no cheese pizza.

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