KettlePizza - Oven inserts for Grills
Made in the USA

The NFL can lay claim to being the largest live spectator sport on the planet in terms of average attendance with close to 20 million people filling seats at stadiums throughout the US each season.  That’s close to 70,000 fans per stadium on any given Sunday.  And as we know, most of these fans — with their SUVs and pick-ups stocked with grills and coolers filled with burgers and dogs and wings and brew, treating each trek to their home team’s stadium more like a pilgrimage than a road trip — are season ticket holders. So a big percentage of the 20 million are attending games on a weekly basis.

But what about the rest of us?Tailgating

While attending a game in person can be lots of fun, enjoying a “no-traffic” NFL football Sunday in the more intimate and cozy setting of a warm house filled with family and friends and high fives – and of course, pizza, because “pizza is the new hamburger” <The Today Show video> — is a great alternative.

For the majority of us, that’s our world. The world of “homegating”, where replacing the possibility of foul weather, big crowds and the time and money associated with attending an NFL game with the comfort of one’s own home – or a friend’s – is priceless.  As we know from many of our customers, homegating with KettlePizza is a growing trend.

One of the primary reasons why we came up with the idea for KettlePizza was that we wanted to provide a product that would become the centerpiece for almost any environment where friends and family gather to enjoy each other’s company.  Since it was invented in the late 1800’s in Naples, Italy, pizza has been a food that isn’t only delicious and nutritious (just try not to eat the whole pie!), but is best enjoyed when shared with others.  Whether it be a birthday celebration, a backyard Halloween party, a Friday night get together or a NFL football Sunday, chances are pizza will be part of the mix.

Granted, we’re a bit biased, but we think KettlePizza marries the best of all worlds when it comes to a family and friends get together at home — aka homegating – on a Sunday or on any other day.

The warm glow of a wood-fired pizza oven before, during and after the game, friends and family members preparing favorite toppings for the next pie, your grilling skills the talk of the neighborhood…well, that’s a little slice of heaven.

With a Made in the USA KettlePizza in your backyard, the countdown to your next homegating event will begin as soon as the final whistle blows at the end of the game.

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