Stainless Steel KettlePizza Available by Mid-March

The stainless steel KettlePizza version is officially in production!  This version will be available for 22.5 inch kettle grills.  Similar to the black hi-temp painted steel version except we are using 304 grade 20 gauge stainless sheet.  This version will provide superior resistance to the elements.  Units are expected to be available for sale in mid-March 2011.

New KettlePizza logo!

We’ve completed a new logo for KettlePizza!

KettlePizza kits now in stock after long backorder!

To all those who have been waiting for a KettlePizza – the wait is now over!  Kits are in stock and our production is continuing to ramp up for the upcoming barbequing season!  Thanks for your patience!

Continuous Convection Cooking Grill

Lots of customers have asked if the KettlePizza is the only product that I have invented for the outdoor cooking market.  The answer is absolutely not!  I have been working on a gas cooking grill for a few years now that contains the heat and maintains the cooking process similar to the KettlePizza.  This product I call The Continuous Convection Cooking … Continue reading “Continuous Convection Cooking Grill”

Stainless Steel KettlePizza version is in the works!

Lots of my customers have asked if we could make a stainless version.  Well, here it is!  Production units in stainless will be available in Spring 2011.