KettlePizza Oven vs. Traditional Pizza Oven – Which is the Best Outdoor Pizza Oven for You?

Many people have dreams of having a real brick or stone pizza oven in their back yard.  I can’t blame them!  Some people even want to build their own, thinking it would be a fun project.  I get calls from these people often who start these projects and then can’t find the time to finish.  They find the KettlePizza is a … Continue reading “KettlePizza Oven vs. Traditional Pizza Oven – Which is the Best Outdoor Pizza Oven for You?”

Friday Night Is KettlePizza Night – Grilled Strawberry Balsamic and Herb Pizza Recipe

Friday night is homemade pizza night at our house and when the weather heats up we absolutely love taking the party outdoors for pizzas baked on the grill. Baking pizzas over charcoal (or a charcoal/wood combo) adds amazing smokey flavor and lends the crust incomparable crunch. Read the complete blog post from The Inspired Home Here

Learn How To Bake Real Italian Bread

KettlePizza Ambassador Nate Maliwacki is on a mission to come up with the best technique to bake bread on the grill. This video was his first attempt and it was damn good in our opinion. Kind of reminds us of the fresh bread that’s served with a meal at a restaurant. Experiment and try to bake some bread with your … Continue reading “Learn How To Bake Real Italian Bread”

KettlePizza Gas Pro Makes Top 5 HOT Grilling Gadgets on Charlotte Today

The KettlePizza Gas Pro made the list of 5 HOT grilling gadgets on Charlotte Today with Julie Busha from Slawsa. Check it out on YouTube!

KettlePizza Father’s Day Gift Guide

KettlePizza Father’s Day Gift Guide Father’s Day is right around the corner and many people are struggling with what to get dad.  Well, wouldn’t it be nice to get him something new and different?  Something he will really enjoy and use like a pizza oven kit or a smoker kit for his grill?  This gift guide shows some of our … Continue reading “KettlePizza Father’s Day Gift Guide”