Sneak Peak! “Tombstone” Style Pizza Stone/Grate Combo for KettlePizza Pro’s

We have had some pressure from the serious pizza foodies to develop a new pizza stone/grate combination.  This combo can be used on the top and bottom KettlePizza standoffs.  The stone is larger, thicker and “tombstone” shaped allowing more pizza cooking surface on the bottom as well as a refractory ceiling on the top.  The grates are 304 grade stainless steel and provide access points on the sides and rear for restoking.  The stones are made of cordierite for extreme temperatures.  Delivery is expected to be September 2012.  As always this product is proudly Made in USA.  More details to come!

Kettle Pizza, KettlePizza
KettlePizza Pro Stone Sneak Peak – Available September 2012