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Super Popular Pizza Restaurants That You Never Knew Existed

So you have heard about Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Liitle Caesar’s and Papa Johns. But there are some very popular pizza restaurants in the United States that you have never heard about and you should have! These pizza restaurants are highly regarded and deserve to be visited at least once!

Pizza Guys

From humble beginnings as a single pizza restaurant in 1986, Pizza Guys has become a recognized leader in the pizza industry. From the day we opened, we have been committed to serving our customers the highest quality food, providing superior service, and creating unique specialty pizza recipes that can be delivered quickly to your door. We continue to innovate our products and services making ordering easier for our customers. Today, we have over 70 independently owned franchises run by men and women who live and work in your community. Our success is due to our dedicated franchisees, thousands of dedicated team members, and loyal customers.

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Pizza Guys Restaurant

Pizza Patron

Pizza Patrón Inc. is a United States pizza chain headquartered in San AntonioTexas.[1] It was founded in 1986 by Antonio Swad and Bernadette Fiaschetti. Swad sold Pizza Patrón in 2016 to Charles Loflin, the new CEO. It was formerly headquartered in Dallas.[2]

Pizza Patrón operates locations in ArizonaCaliforniaIllinois, and Texas. Pizza Patrón withdrew operations in Colorado. The chain primarily opens locations in neighborhoods with a high proportion of Latino residents.[3] In addition to the franchise’s 100 locations across the southwest United States, 40 more are currently under development.

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Pizza Patron

Pizza Luce

Pizza Lucé owner Joe Baier worked in pizza delivery until the pizzeria he worked at closed in 1992. Having worked for years in the industry, Baier decided to open a new pizza restaurant, named Pizza Lucé, which opened in 1993 in downtown Minneapolis. It was not initially profitable and in 1995, Scott Nelson, who had worked previously alongside Baier as a pizza deliverer, was hired as the pizzeria’s General Manager helped ensure that the restaurant became profitable.[1] The pizzeria includes gluten-free and vegan items on its menu.[2]

Pizza Lucé has since expanded to nine locations in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area and one in Duluth.[3] In 2010, the pizzeria began offering online ordering and within a year over 20% of its delivery orders were placed via the Internet.[4] Lucé was named 2011’s Restaurant of the Year by the Minnesota Restaurant Association

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Pizza Luce

Pizza Boli’s

Pizza Boli’s is a pizzeria restaurant chain in the Mid-Atlantic headquartered in Pikesville, Maryland. Their first pizzeria was opened in the Mount Washington neighborhood Baltimore, Maryland, in 1985. By 2013, there were 70 restaurants in Maryland, VirginiaPennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.[1] and 80 restaurants by 2019

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Pizza Boli’s

Pizza My Heart

Pizza My Heart is a chain of pizzeria restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. The chain was founded in 1981 in Capitola, California, by Fred Poulos and Keith Holtaway. In 1997, the chain merged with Pizza-a-Go-Go, which was based in San Jose, California. The new locations inherited the Pizza My Heart name. It is now owned by Chuck Hammers. The chain currently has twenty-five locations.

There are restaurants currently in Blossom Hill, Burlingame, Campbell, Capitola, Cupertino, Emeryville, Evergreen, Isla Vista (UCSB), Los Gatos, Monterey, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Jose, San Mateo, San Ramon, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Saratoga, Sunnyvale, Walnut Creek and Willow Glen.

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Pizza My Heart

Pizza Twist (Pizza with a Twist)

Formally known as Chicago’s Pizza with a Twist, Pizza with a Twist is expanding quickly. “Currently we have 50 locations in operation and have 25 more underway,” stated Harpreet Dahyia, Founder and Owner.

Pizza with a Twist features a cutting-edge menu laden with Indian flavor influences. The concept fits well into most markets, merging the familiarity of the pizza restaurant atmosphere with an innovative menu. All meat is GMO-free, and the menu features several vegan, gluten-free, and new flavors. Interested franchise candidates should visit https://www.chicagospizzatwist.com/resources/franchise for more information.

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Pizza with a Twist (Pizza Twist)