KettlePizza 26.75″ Conversion Kit – The “Big Boy” Kettle Pizza Oven

Just released from development is an extender plate kit that will convert the 22.5″ KettlePizza to a 26.75″ KettlePizza.  Using a rectangular pizza stone you can cook multiple pizzas at once with this “Big Boy”.  Retail price is $24.95.

The Ultimate Pizza Oven & Grill For Under $500

OK.  That is a huge statement that I am making, but, I really believe that this setup will give people a charcoal grilling machine that has the ability to cook amazing pizza.  Pictured here is a Weber Performer grill ($329.00 on Amazon) with the KettlePizza basic package installed ($99.00).  Hanging from the tool hook is a KettlePizza Pro Pizza Peel ($39.00 – … Continue reading “The Ultimate Pizza Oven & Grill For Under $500”

Coming Soon – The KettlePizza Pro Pizza Peel

In my search to offer my customers the best pizza peel available I got pretty frustrated.  I wanted a heavy gauge aluminum peel that would really last.  Oh yeah, and I wanted it to be Made in USA.  Well to my dismay, I had a really hard time finding this product.  I found plenty of peels, but most had very … Continue reading “Coming Soon – The KettlePizza Pro Pizza Peel”

KettlePizza Stainless Now Available for Pre-order

The KettlePizza Stainless made with 20 gauge 304 stainless steel will be shipping the first week of April.  The retail price is $99.95 and orders are being accepted now.  As always, Made in USA!  Thanks for your patience!

Stainless Steel Model Update 3/19/2011

We were able to test the newly designed stainless models this week.  The results were better than we expected!  The slightly shorter chamber provided higher temperatures and more heat flow than before.  The stainless is actually slightly thicker than the cold rolled steel so the heat retention was a bit better than expected even with the “HOT” vent cutout in the … Continue reading “Stainless Steel Model Update 3/19/2011”