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Tailgating season is right around the corner!  Are you prepared?  Need a new Weber kettle or gas grill?  How about a great way to cook restaurant quality pizzas wherever your travel?  Maybe you feel like some smoked ribs or brisket made on your trusty Weber grill.  If so please read on!

A good starting point for any tailgating party or event is your grill.  Be it a charcoal style grill or a gas grill we have some suggestions based on our years of experience and testing of various grill types.

For a charcoal grill we always recommend Weber kettle grills.  There are a variety of types and sizes to choose from.  The most popular size is the 22.5″ (also called a Weber 22), this works the best for most tailgate applications.  The base Weber kettle grill comes with an ash bowl and non-hinged grates, the next version up has an ash can and grates with hinges.  There are also versions with mounted tables and platforms but these are not as easy to transport.  All of these grills work great with the KettlePizza Charcoal Pizza Oven Kits as well as the Smokenator Smoker Kits.

Gas grills aren’t as popular with the tailgating crowd but we do have some recommendations that work great with our KettlePizza Gas Pro Pizza Oven Kits.  Char-broil grills and Weber gas grills have always performed well in our product testing.

If you’d like to get started smoking food and cooking amazing pizzas we have put together a combination set that includes our KettlePizza Charcoal Basic Kit as well as the Smokenator 22 Smoking Kit.  Regularly priced $210 we are selling for a limited time at $149.  Pair this up with one of the Weber kettle grills above and you will have a killer combination for any tailgating event that you may host!

KettlePizza - Smokenator Tailgate Package
KettlePizza Basic Plus Smokenator Combo Kit

If you’d like to see the other great items that we have on sale just click this link! A tailgate event is only as good as you make it! Great food, great company, great event and you are sure to have great fun!

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