Pizza Oven Kits For Charcoal Grills – charcoal grill inserts fit Weber-style charcoal grills and turn them into real wood-fired pizza ovens.

The KettlePizza pizza oven insert fits between grill bottom and lid.  Use charcoal briquets along with some hardwood and you can achieve temperature in excess of 750 degrees F. The hardwood helps to elevate the temperature and provides a nice wood-fired flavor to your pizza.Our pizza oven kits are expandable too to fit both 18.5″ and 22.5″ round grills. And we make an expansion plate to accommodate 26.5″ charcoal grills as well. Priced from $139-$400. GRILL NOT INCLUDED

Pizza Oven Kits for Gas Grills – Gas Pro grill inserts fit gas grills with three or more burners.

The KettlePizza Gas Pro pizza oven sets directly on the grill grate with the included cordierite stone underneath. Simply bring the one-piece American Made stainless pizza oven insert and stone up to temperature (shown on the built-in thermometer), and it’s ready to cook your pizza. Heat radiates down from the lid cooking the pizza evenly and completely. Temperatures are dictated by the amount of BTU’s you grill has and 600-700 degrees F is common. Cooking time varies with grill and pizza type between 4 and 7 minutes.Priced from $199-$300.  Note: requires 3 burners minimum and cooking surface at least 24” wide, 17” deep) . GRILL NOT INCLUDED

KettlePizza Recommended Gas & Charcoal Grills

At KettlePizza, we are always asked, “What grill should I buy with my KettlePizza kit?”  or “What accessories go well with my KettlePizza and Weber grill?”  This page will show you some of the best matched charcoal grills, gas grills and grilling accessories to work with our gas and charcoal pizza oven kits.

For a charcoal grill we always recommend Weber kettle grills.  There are a variety of types and sizes to choose from.  The most popular size is the 22.5″ (also called a Weber 22), this works the best for most pizza cooking applications.  The base Weber kettle grill comes with an ash bowl and non-hinged grates, the next version up has an ash can and grates with hinges.  There are also versions with mounted tables and platforms but these are not as easy to transport.  All of these grills work great with the KettlePizza Charcoal Pizza Oven Kits as well as the Smokenator Smoker Kits.

Gas grills are very popular as they are easier to start and get up to temperature.  Weber gas grills work great with our KettlePizza Gas Pro Pizza Oven Kits.  We use Weber gas grills for all our product testing and they have always performed exceptionally well.

Other KettlePizza Recommended Accessories

We recommend only the best grill grated and griddles from sister company GrillingSteel.  These products are all stainless steel and American Made right in the same factory as our KettlePizza inserts in Hudson, NH.