KettlePizza - Oven inserts for Grills
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October 6, 2017
Really great to use, easy to put together and even my wife who was a sceptic enjoyed the pizzas cooked on it.
May 21, 2017

Was awesome for a back yard pizza party. I made roughly 7kg of dough following the recipe from the book, Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast by Ken Forkish- excellent book if you are into bread and pizza making. Also followed his recipe for San Marzano red sauce (get the certified tomatoes people, its worth it!). All the guest brought toppings and we got to work. In total we cooked up over 30 pizza’s – all with fun and creative topping choices from the guests. Big Hit!

Highly recommend getting the baking steal- it helped cook the tops of the pizza. Also get a high temp stone, preferred pizza pans and some pizza spinners. Let the stone get nice and hot.

I ended up using a lot more wood then I thought I would need to keep the temp well over 500 degrees. I started with roughly 5 lbs of seasoned oak, bucked up into small chunks, but ended up needed almost 3x that amount for 2 hours of grilling.

December 18, 2017

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