Pizza Styles From Around The World – 34 Different Pizza Types

From your classic cheese and tomato pizza to pizzas with mashed potatoes, squid ink, fermented soybeans and crocodile meat, there is something for everyone on this list.

9 Underrated But Delicious Pizza Toppings

If you consult with a pizza expert, especially those familiar with Italian-style pizza, you’ll mostly hear that the secret to a good pizza lies in the dough, and that it should not be overstuffed with ingredients. However, what makes pizza one of the most popular and loved dishes on the planet (if not the ultimate favorite) is the fact that … Continue reading “9 Underrated But Delicious Pizza Toppings”

An Interview with Al Contarino – Inventor of the KettlePizza Pizza Oven for Weber Charcoal and Gas Grills

This interview was conducted in July of 2021 between Al Contarino Inventor of the KettlePizza and Chris Barillo Professional Chef and Author. Barillo:  Thank you Al for inviting me to your home shop.  It is quite a privilege as I have been following the success of KettlePizza for many years now.  It’s great to see where the ideas came from! … Continue reading “An Interview with Al Contarino – Inventor of the KettlePizza Pizza Oven for Weber Charcoal and Gas Grills”

Our KettlePizza Instagram Fans Are Cooking Some Amazing Pizzas

Our KettlePizza Instagram Fans love pizza just as much as we do – Maybe More!  Check out these pictures from just a handful of Instagram fans using their KettlePizza Pizza Oven Kit for Weber Kettle Grills.  You can see more great pizzas at our Instagram Page here:  

Join the KettlePizza Owners Group and Learn How to Make Amazing Pizza

The KettlePizza Owners Group on Facebook is the place to learn from professional and amateur pizza makers using their gas and charcoal KettlePizza Pizza Ovens.  Learning how to make great pizza is tough so why not get some help!  We all want to just have fun and make amazing pizza!  Check it out and join the group!