KettlePizza - Oven inserts for Grills
Made in the USA
15 inch pizza grilling steel

KettlePizza Pizza & Grilling Steel – 15″ Pizza Stone Alternative

Heavy Gauge, Stainless Steel, Made in USA. Pizza Stone Alternative, Griddle for Grills

The KettlePizza Pizza & Grilling Steel is made in the USA from the highest quality stainless steel. Stainless steel is a highly conductive material which cooks differently than ceramic pizza stones due to the intense amount of heat transferred from the steel to the crust. Works with both KettlePizza charcoal and gas pizza ovens but can also be used in traditional home ovens.

  • 15″ Diameter Ultra Conductive Stainless Steel Cooking Plate
  • Made From 5/32″ American Stainless Steel
  • Use as a Skillet or Pizza Stone Alternative
  • Great for Cooking Pizzas on Grills or Household Ovens

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