KettlePizza - Oven inserts for Grills
Made in the USA
22.5 inch pizza baking steel

KettlePizza Baking Steel – 22.5″ Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Lid


Designed specifically for the hardcore KettlePizza user. The KPBS-22S is a 0.165″ thick pre-seasoned round steel used to provide higher dome temperatures in your KettlePizza oven. The steel radiates heat rapidly and provides a very hot ceiling for getting quick crisping of the top of your pizza. Used in conjunction with the KettlePizza ProGrate, users can expect cooking cycle times in the 4-5 minute range. Openings on the side allow adequate oxygen flow and allow easy refueling. As an added feature, use the KP Baking Steel by itself in your kettle grill as a skillet! Cook breakfast, veggies or sear steaks and burgers. A very versatile product! Made of highest grade stainless steel for years of use.   The product is Made in USA and has patents pending. NOTE: This product works only with 22.5″ grills. This product does NOT include the basic KettlePizza insert or the KettlePizza ProGrate/Tombstone Kit.

  • Installs within KettlePizza 22.5″ units.
  • Gives higher dome temperatures by cutting down air volume and fast heat radiating through the steel.
  • Allows easy refueling through sides, no removal of KettlePizza necessary to remove.
  • Made of 0.165″ stainless steel.
  • Made in USA.

Shipping Weight

18 lbs

Shipping Dimensions

24 × 24 × 1 in



Full instructions can be downloaded here.