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Cooking Pizza on the KettlePizza Gas Pro Pizza Oven and Weber Genesis Gas Grill

KettlePizza Gas Pro

Watch this video from KettlePizza Inventor Al Contarino as he demonstrates cooking home fired pizza cooked on a Weber Genesis gas grill.  The video shows the KettlePizza Gas Pro which is an all Stainless Steel lid for gas grills with at least three burners.  The Gas Pro contains the heat and focuses it back down […]

KettlePizza Gas Pro vs. Bakerstone Head to Head Comparison

KettlePizza Vs. Bakerstone Head To Head

It’s March, and has grilling on the brain. Here is an excerpt from their post: “Out here in California I also grill during the winter, just because I can, but it’s not until Spring and Summer until it really starts to get enjoyable. That’s when you can hang out by the barbecue and just […]

Why Make Products in the USA? Why Not!

kettlepizza ad1

Recently I was interviewed by a home furnishing publication. One of their questions was, “Why do you manufacture your products in the United States?” After thinking for a moment about the best way to answer, I decided to give both an answer and a question. “We manufacture our products in the USA because we think it’s […]

KettlePizza Gas Pro How-to Video Completed

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We’re excited to present our “How-to” video of the KettlePizza Gas Pro. View it to acquaint yourself with our first product for the gas market, as all our previous pizza oven kits were designed for charcoal kettle grills. Let us know what you think of  the Gas Pro from KettlePizza! [youtube src=”_AZVmG6B4Ls”]

KettlePizza Gas Pro Product Released

KettlePizza Gas Pro Pizza Oven Kit

The time has finally come for us to share the secret new product that we have been talking about over the past month! For years, people have asked us if we had a pizza oven kit for gas grills, and we have put in countless hours of product testing and development to create one that […]

New Product Coming From KettlePizza June 5, 2016

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We’re pretty excited to release a brand-new product to our offering on June 5, 2016. We can’t tell you what it is, but we can share a picture and some hints.  Hint #1: It’s used for cooking pizza! Big surprise, right? Hint #2: It’s made of the best American-made stainless steel. Any guesses what it is? Sneak peek […]