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Cook Exquisite Neapolitan Pizza with 5 Pizza Oven Kits for Weber Grills

Charcoal KettlePizza Pizza Oven

Baking the perfect Neapolitan Pizza is more than just cooking. It is an art, and this kind of art can only be perfected if you have the right type of oven for it. We created KettlePizza inserts so cooks can create the perfect pizza at home using their own Weber kettle grill. KettlePizza pizza oven […]

Top 3 Best Kitchen Scales for Making Pizza Dough

best kitchen scale for pizza

Best Kitchen Scale for Pizza Dough When making pizza dough, precise measurements are essential to making the best pizza crust. A kitchen scale is a must-have to get an accurate measurement of each ingredient every time. We have reviewed dozens of kitchen scales and have chosen only the best devices to include on our list. […]

Our KettlePizza Instagram Fans Are Cooking Some Amazing Pizzas

kettlepizza instagram

Our KettlePizza Instagram Fans love pizza just as much as we do – Maybe More!  Check out these pictures from just a handful of Instagram fans using their KettlePizza Pizza Oven Kit for Weber Kettle Grills.  You can see more great pizzas at our Instagram Page here:  

Join the KettlePizza Owners Group and Learn How to Make Amazing Pizza

KettlePizza Owners Group

The KettlePizza Owners Group on Facebook is the place to learn from professional and amateur pizza makers using their gas and charcoal KettlePizza Pizza Ovens.  Learning how to make great pizza is tough so why not get some help!  We all want to just have fun and make amazing pizza!  Check it out and join […]

Amazing Pizza Oven Videos From Worldwide KettlePizza Users

Charcoal and Gas Pizza Oven Videos

We have recently updated our YouTube page with some of the best KettlePizza pizza oven videos from people all over the world. Check out our videos with the original charcoal pizza oven and Weber kettle grills including the Weber Performer. Also be sure to watch the Gas Pro videos with various gas grills transformed into […]

KettlePizza & Sparton Technology Take Relationship To Next Level

Sparton KettlePizza Partnership

We wanted to make you aware of some changes that are taking place at our company.  In August of 2019 we are consolidating our operations with the company that produces all our metal work – Sparton Technology of Hudson, NH.  Going forward, KettlePizza products will be completed at their facility and then sold and shipped […]