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Made in the USA

We’re proud of a lot of things around here.Featured American Made Holiday Gift Guide (1)

We’re proud of our efforts to create jobs in the USA, which we recently wrote about, and to support other companies who do the same.

We’re proud that we’re a “Made in the USA” company.

We’re proud that KettlePizza components — the wooden handles, pizza stones, steel, pizza peels and other key parts — are sourced here.

And we’re sure proud when others recognize us and support these efforts of ours.

That’s why we’re excited to see that the 2014 ‘Made in America’ Holiday Gift Guide has been published and that KettlePizza is featured in it as a recommended gift. You can view the guide right here.

Made-in-America-Holiday-Challenge-2014Did you know the average American spends over $700 annually on holiday shopping? If just 10% ($70) of this was spent on gifts made in the USA, the economic impact would equate to the creation of over 200,000 American jobs.

The mission of the American Made Holiday Gift Guide from is to provide the conscientious consumer with a place to find items that support our economy, protect the environment and give back to our communities.

We’re proud that KettlePizza is featured among these items!

Take the Made in the USA’ Challenge!

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