KettlePizza and Smokenator Tope Weber Kettle Accessories

KettlePizza and Smokenator Make List of Top Nine Weber Kettle Accessories!

Both KettlePizza and Smokenator products have been listed as the top nine Weber kettle accessories by grilling expert Derrick Riches.  You can read the entire article and see the other top Weber Kettle Accessories here:  https://www.thespruce.com/best-weber-kettle-accessories-336375

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    This accessory for the 18 or 22-Inch Kettle Grill turns it into a pizza oven with amazing cooking abilities. The cooking temperatures inside the grill can reach well over 700 degrees F/370 degrees C which is the kind of heat you need for the perfect pizza. The unit acts as a riser for the grill with a pizza oven style opening in the front. A pizza stone sits on the inside to cook on, but also to deflect the heat to the back of the grill and over the stone. This isn’t just a great way to cookMORE

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    Smokenator 1000
     Smokenator 1000. Derrick Riches 

    The Weber Kettle can easily be used as a smoker, but the Smokenator makes it easier and more efficient. This amazingly simple accessory turns out fantastic barbecue with little effort. For those who want to experiment with barbecue, I wholeheartedly recommend buying this accessory.