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Walmart U.S. CEO and President Greg Foran showcased KettlePizza at the retailer’s recent U.S. Manufacturing Supplier Summit.


You don’t need to dig very deep into the history of KettlePizza to learn that from day one our goal wasn’t just to build a product and company, but to create U.S. jobs.  You’ll see this stated on our website in the “About Us” section and on our home page where we proudly fly the American flag along with the words “KettlePizza and the Made in USA Difference.”

When we pledged early on to source as many KettlePizza components as possible from U.S. suppliers, we knew that we might take a competitive hit. After all, components manufactured outside the U.S. would likely increase our profit margins even if we decided to price our kits for less than we currently do. But we could never have managed the quality of these components like we do if not for the relationships we’ve built with our closely aligned U.S. partners.

Today, KettlePizza components are sourced from companies located from coast to coast: Hudson, NH; Fall River, MA; Crooksville, OH; Hanover, MA; City of Industry, CA; Groveland, MA; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Tarrytown, NY; Haverhill, MA; Huntington, IN; North Andover, MA; Keene, NH; North Weymouth, MA; and, Beverly, MA. All of these companies have contributed to the success of KettlePizza, but we never stop thinking about ways to do more for the U.S. economy while growing our own company and our supplier companies, too.

That’s where Walmart comes in.

Walmart recently held its second annual U.S. Manufacturing Supplier Summit and Open Call. The event had the KettlePizza name and value-set written all over it. As part of this initiative, by 2023 Walmart has committed to buy $250 billion in products that support the creation of American jobs and to re-shore the manufacturing of goods it currently buys by facilitating and accelerating efforts of its suppliers, a positive trend that is gaining momentum across industries.

The Open Call portion of the two-day event held at Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, AR, was an opportunity for KettlePizza and hundreds of other Made in USA companies to make their case to Walmart buyers.

KettlePizza was a big hit, and before too long, Walmart stores will be carrying a Made in USA KettlePizza kit.

What does a deal between Walmart and KettlePizza mean for KettlePizza and its suppliers?

Well, some of the smaller suppliers might need to double their current capacity (employees, machinery, etc.). Some of the larger suppliers will, at the very least, need to add hours or an extra shift. Increases in manufacturing/warehouse space would also most likely be needed. Depending on the time frame, KettlePizza would need to at least double our staff and lease additional warehouse space.

These are the good problems to have!

We believe offering our products through Walmart is a win-win-win. Consumers win because KettlePizza products will be more broadly accessible. The U.S. economy wins because increased sales means the expansion of American companies and, subsequently, more U.S. jobs. The reputation of “American Made” wins as more companies step up their efforts to source U.S. manufactured goods.

We’ll keep you posted with any new developments. As they are today, our products will continue to be available through, at Crate & Barrel stores and via, among other online retailers including — of course — In addition, KettlePizza kits are available from dealers around the U.S. and in nine other countries. Please use our KettlePizza Worldwide Dealer Locater to find a dealer closest to you.

From all of us at KettlePizza, a big THANK YOU to all of our customers and business partners for getting us here!

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