Cook Exquisite Neapolitan Pizza with 5 Pizza Oven Kits for Weber Grills

Baking the perfect Neapolitan Pizza is more than just cooking. It is an art, and this kind of art can only be perfected if you have the right type of oven for it. We created KettlePizza inserts so cooks can create the perfect pizza at home using their own Weber kettle grill. KettlePizza pizza oven kits fit between the Weber … Continue reading “Cook Exquisite Neapolitan Pizza with 5 Pizza Oven Kits for Weber Grills”

KettlePizza Holiday Gift Guide 2016!

Kettle Pizza Holiday Gift Guide – Treat Your KettlePizza Capo to a Few Practical, Affordable, Fun Accessories for Enhancing His Backyard Wood Oven Pizza Game. By Mindy Merrell and R.B. Quinn of Another year-end celebratory season is upon us, which means it’s time focus on the holiday gift list. What about your Pizza Prince of the Patio, the King of … Continue reading “KettlePizza Holiday Gift Guide 2016!”

KettlePizza Gas Pro How-to Video Completed

We’re excited to present our “How-to” video of the KettlePizza Gas Pro. View it to acquaint yourself with our first product for the gas market, as all our previous pizza oven kits were designed for charcoal kettle grills. Let us know what you think of  the Gas Pro from KettlePizza!

KettlePizza Gas Pro Product Released

The time has finally come for us to share the secret new product that we have been talking about over the past month! For years, people have asked us if we had a pizza oven kit for gas grills, and we have put in countless hours of product testing and development to create one that was worthy of the KettlePizza … Continue reading “KettlePizza Gas Pro Product Released”

New Product Coming From KettlePizza June 5, 2016

We’re pretty excited to release a brand-new product to our offering on June 5, 2016. We can’t tell you what it is, but we can share a picture and some hints.  Hint #1: It’s used for cooking pizza! Big surprise, right? Hint #2: It’s made of the best American-made stainless steel. Any guesses what it is? Sneak peek at KettlePizza’s latest product. Any … Continue reading “New Product Coming From KettlePizza June 5, 2016”