KettlePizza - Oven inserts for Grills
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I finally got to try out my Weber Performer grill with the KettlePizza SS insert on it.  This thing is a pizza cooking machine!  The performer has a small “Coleman type” propane tank to help get the charcoal up to temp faster.  It worked just as advertised and it took about 10-15 minutes to get the charcoal where I wanted it.  Then I pushed the coals to the rear of the kettle to get the heat circulating up from the rear of the grill.  I used my newly manufactured Pro Pizza Peel to push the coals back.  I then added some hardwood on top of the coals for extra heat and added the KettlePizza insert and lid.  Soon afterwards I was cooking some serious pizzas!

I cooked pizzas both on a stone and on a pan.  I had to give the stone about 30 minutes to really get to temperature.  I like to use a pan for pizzas if they have lots of toppings as those type pizzas don’t slide off the peels as easy.  Aside from some great tasting pizza (OK truth be told I did burn two but it still tasted good), I was really excited to use my newly designed and manufactured Pro Pizza Peel.  This thing is as heavy-duty a pizza peel as you can get.  The  0.100″ aluminum was super strong, yet light and the pizza slid off great!

I’ll cook on the performer again soon and get some more pictures.

Weber Performer and KettlePizza
Weber Performer and KettlePizza - an unbeatable pizza machine!

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