KettlePizza - Oven inserts for Grills
Made in the USA

OK.  That is a huge statement that I am making, but, I really believe that this setup will give people a charcoal grilling machine that has the ability to cook amazing pizza.  Pictured here is a Weber Performer grill ($329.00 on Amazon) with the KettlePizza basic package installed ($99.00).  Hanging from the tool hook is a KettlePizza Pro Pizza Peel ($39.00 – available soon) and inside the KettlePizza opening is a 15″ aluminum pizza pan (included in KettlePizza kit).  Total cost – $467.00.

This combination gives you the ability to make your pizzas right on the attached table next to the kettle!  The Weber Performer also has the added feature of a gas startup burner to get the charcoal or wood up to temperature fast.  Did I say that all these products are Made in USA!  In the next few days I’ll cook some pizzas with this setup and report on how things come out!

KettlePizza with the Weber Performer
The Ultimate Pizza Setup - Weber Performer + KettlePizza Basic

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