KettlePizza - Oven inserts for Grills
Made in the USA

Like the KettlePizza itself, Baking Steel is a versatile product with many uses beyond its primary function of providing higher dome temperatures for pizza ovens — like our KettlePizza.  Baking Steel is a 3/16-inch thick pre-seasoned round steel that that fits 22.5-inch kettle grills, like the Weber.  Because it radiates heat so quickly, Baking Steel provides a really hot ceiling for quick crisping on the top of the pizza.

Baking Steel is included with the Made in the USA KettlePizza Serious Eats Special Edition — a deluxe kit we developed in partnership with Baking Steel and Slice Serious Eats and wrote about last week (it’s still on sale!).

You can, however, also purchase Baking Steel from us separately as an enhancement to your existing Kettle Pizza. Baking Steel is on sale from KettlePizza right now for $79.75!

Did you know that in addition to using Baking Steel to make crisper pizzas, you can use it to cook safe_imagejust about anything you’d use a griddle for.  If it’s breakfast you’re hungry for, wait until the coals get good and hot then lay out strips of bacon, crack open a couple of fresh eggs and pour the pancake batter directly on to Baking Steel.  In a flash you’ll be feasting on a grand slam-style breakfast just like a couple of us did a few days ago. (If you want the full treatment, you can check out our video here).

In addition to breakfast, veggies, steaks and fish that love searing, burgers and hot dogs all taste great off of a Baking Steel.  It’s a very versatile product that just keeps on giving.

Of course, we think Baking Steel has it’s finest moments when it’s joined together with a KettlePizza, churning out great pizzas every four-five minutes for your guests.  But when pizza isn’t on the menu, fire up the grill anyway and put the Baking Steel through it paces with your own creative recipes.

Please let us know what you come up with. We’d love to see your pictures and videos of your Baking Steel at work and we’ll share them with the KettlePizza community.

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