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Made in the USA

I haven’t posted in a long while to our blog and there are so many things to talk about.  First, the Made in USA effort is successful and going strong.  Over the past year we have increased our production parts from 90% to 96% American Made.  Everything from our raw steel and wood to our nuts and bolts are now Made in USA – something we are very, very proud of.

As we have grown we have made numerous “running changes” to our products.  These improvements would have been impossible to make if we were sourcing our products from China.  When you buy from China you usually need to buy in large volumes.  Then you are stuck with that amount of product in your warehouse and it is very difficult to make changes because you would have to scrap the product sitting in inventory.  We work differently using lean manufacturing techniques.  Our goal is to never have more than a couple weeks worth of inventory in our warehouse.  This makes it very easy to make running changes to our product line.

Export count: 40+ countries shipped to!  Another thing we are very proud of!  We have shipped our products from New Zealand to Thailand to Chile.  As our company grows, we are looking to increase our worldwide presence though distribution partners and dealers.

New products: We have added a number of new products to the line.  The most popular of which is the KettlePizza Prograte and Tombstone combination kit.  This product allows quick and easy re-stoking of your grill and allows higher dome temperatures via an elevated rear firebox.  It is very popular with the hardcore pizza foodies!  Everything including the steel, labor and cordierite stone are all American Made.  More updates soon!

KettlePizza with Prograte Tombstone Combo
KettlePizza with Prograte Tombstone Combo

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