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Today’s guest post comes to us courtesy of Kim and Mic Stanfield, a New England-based BBQ competition team exploring the aspects of smoking and grilling!  The post was originally published here

Know those foods that you don’t think  you could give up for good? Yup, one of mine would be Pizza — thick crust, thin crust, stuffed, sourdough, flat bread.  Any of them.

When I was on the last-minute shopping trip before the storm, I thought “PIZZA! We need to have some in the snow storm.”

The grocery store was out of their bakery dough. I’m honestly too lazy to make dough most days, so Target had these Fire Roasted Thin Pizza Crusts; figured we’d give them a try.

Tuesday night of the storm was the pizza night. First we had to clear the snow away from the Weber Kettle Grill and get it cleaned out, and put the KettlePizza kit in.  We have the round stone as well as the tombstone kit (they have a Baking Steel too; that’s my next purchase! : … Baking on the Kettle – WOW!!).

As we set up the kettle and got the charcoal burning in the Weber Charcoal Chimney, I set up the tombstone.  It makes sliding that pizza into the grill even snow kettleeasier than with a round stone.  I like both – it depends on the pizza.  If it’s for competition, then I really like the round stone – but that’s a story for another day.

Not being a good “plan ahead shopper,” we decided to make a pulled pork pizza – dough, BBQ sauce, pulled pork and cheese. Once cooked, we serve with cole slaw – my Mom’s recipe to be exact.

So the KettlePizza, out on the deck and toward the end of a blizzard, was up over 600 degrees in no time.2015-01-28 21.25.36 It’s the same temperature that your favorite pizza joint cooks their pizzas at – a hot, hot oven! The kettle grill can get pretty hot on it’s own, but with the KettlePizza on the grill, the air flow changes and turns your kettle style grill into a pizza oven.

Put the stone you choose on the grill to heat up.  Never put a cold stone on a hot grill.  We brought the pizza out on the peel, slid it in and it was cooked in just a few minutes. The thin pizza crust browned nicely and the cheese melted and got a nice brown color – such a pretty pizza.

I have cooked plenty of pizzas on grills and yeah, you can do it… they taste great – all pizza does to me. But the KettlePizza just makes it better.  It cooks more evenly, you don’t have to lift the lid and both the crust and the top are cooked. Not like the grill where the crust is often too done by the time the top cheese has that golden melted brown.  It’s all in the airflow.

So, yeah, you can do a pizza on a grill – but once you cook a pizza on the KettlePizza with your kettle grill, you’ll never want to cook it another way. I’m not the only one who thinks this is a great product. Check out their other roasted thin pizza

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